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Francisco Chacon

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of WOW

Creating the
3 employes
Portable pools
Pool in own backyard
Only company that offered all pool services together
How we started (1993)
Watermania, Guatemala
Jorge Martinez del Rosal
Juan Miguel Martinez del Rosal
All services in one place
No profit on first project
Big project for a Golf Club
(1996 NSPI GOLD medal)
(due to great service, social relations and word of mouth)
New Projects
Growing Period
Projects at Rio Dulce, Marina del Sur (Pacific Coast), Guatemala City and Antigua
Lack of: Access, Energy, Machinery (Rio Dulce)
Dinner with clients and friends
Guest of Honor Bill Kent
First Awards Ceremony (2001)
(Names related with party time)
Fiesta Pools (2004)
New target.
Low budget.
Established designs.
Customer decides size and features on personal budget.
9 Different models, 3 different sizes.
Different features.
Fiesta Pools Models
Upgrading a Pachanga Fiesta Pool
Pachanga Basic
Pachanga with Lagartero
Pachanga with Lagartero and Spa
Formal Avertising (Press, Magazines, TV)
Selling Tools
Our first Watermania book.
Spectacular Pools of Guatemala.
Dream Come True (2006)
Guests of Honor Tommy and Penny Johnson.
Second Awards Ceremony (2006)
First international Project in Honduras
Growing International (2006)
Growing International (2007)
Growing International (2008)
Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula
Growing International (2008)
Cayman Islands, El Salvador and Panama
Growing International (2008)
Glass, fire bowls and laminars.
Innovative Trends
First Contact
We listen
We ask
We design with customer
We visit location
Pool Studio presentation
Designing a Pool
First Contact
Adapt to customer needs
Design Proposal
Our Construction Process
Initally Newspaper and First Book
Specialized Magazines
New Marketing Strategies
Gathering with customers, architects and engineers
Have a great relationship with engineers, architects and project developers.
Redesign of our Logo and establish pillars.
Our Warranty
Arts and Pools
Second Book
Satisfaction with Service and Product
What's Coming Next
1 Reliability
2 Assurance
3 Tangibles
4 Empathy
5 Responsiveness
Five Factors for a WOW Service
Is the ability of a person or system to perform and mantain its functions in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected.

Means keeping the service promise, doing what you said you will do for your customer.
Processes designed to ensure the quality of a product or service.

How well do we know our business ?
Are we going the extra mile?
Do we have the ability to listen?
Do we have the skills to solve problems?
Capable of being touch, measure or felt; having real substance; a tangible object.

How is your appearance? How do you treat the customer, do you write his name, phone, address.

When customers discribe your service to their friends and colleagues , people who could become your next customer, they will focus on their observations of tangible things.

“First impressions are the most lasting”
Is the capacity to recognize feelings that are being expirienced by another person, the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another

Every customer is different.
Do I understand their individual needs?
Empathy is not simpathy
The ability to deliver costumer requirements in a timely and satisfactory manner.

“A rose on time is far more valuable than a $1,000 gift that is too late”
Jim Rohn, motivational speaker

Setting and meeting deadlines
How we look ?
How does our worksite looks ?
Do we keep ourselfs updated (technology) ?
Am I great as a host?
How confortable a customer feels in my installations ?
How can a customer have a perseption of my expertise ?
Exceptional Service Means Caring About Small Details
Government of Guatemala and Watermania
One Pool for Each House Plan
Social Pool
Family Pools
Speciality Very Social Pools
Going Green
Thank You
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