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Ring-tailed lemur food chain

No description

Chatcat H

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Ring-tailed lemur food chain

Fruit Sap Grass/Leaves Insect Mouse Snake Frog Ring-Tailed Lemur Chameleon Radiated Tortoise Caterpillar Bird Cave Crocodiles Humans Beetle Fungi Red Ants Hissing Cockroaches Decomposes
Scavengers Questions Ring-Tailed Lemur Food Chain Light Blue- a primary or secondary consumer to a tertiary consumer Red- a producers to a primary or secondary consumer Yellow - a primary consumer to secondary consumer or tertiary consumer Dark Blue- a tertiary or primary consumer to the Humans Here's an example on the food chain. 1. Ecologists want to draw out a food chain to get an understanding of what the endangered animal eats and who it's predators are. For example the Cave Crocodile eats the Ring-Tailed Lemur and the Ring-Tailed Lemur eats fruit. Therefore the predator of a Ring-Tailed Lemur is a Cave Crocodile and what the Ring-Tailed Lemur eats is fruit. These studies can allow the ecologists to better protect the endangered species from predators and humans, like Ring-Tailed Lemur and other jungle and sea creators.

2. When humans build on the land, the animals that live there can be hurt and the food chain in their area maybe destroyed. Here`s an example: the result of humans building near a swamp is that the humans may destroy the food source in the swamp. If the insects decrease in population then the other animals in the swamp who depend on the insects for a food source will decrease in population as well. Natural forest fires can cause animals to lose homes and food sources too. Legend Thank you!
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