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Adult Services Program of Service

An overview of the Adult Services Program of Service, the Adult Summer Reading Program, and Book Discussions.

Katrina Vernon

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Adult Services Program of Service

We're excited to launch this new series of librarian led book discussions at the regional libraries! We will offer a variety of book discussions. Each regional will offer three or four discussions, plus
ORL & ELF may each offer one too. Targets
1. Artisan Crafts
2. Fine and Performing Arts
3. Humanities
4. Literature and Writing Program of Service
Adult Summer
Reading Program
Book Discussions
Additional Services
Who to contact Adult Services Program of Service Adult Book Discussions Recreational Reading Arts & Literature Adult Summer Reading Program: The Adult Summer Reading Program (ASRP) will be available at all WCPL locations this summer! There are ways to enter: Dan Brooks
Katrina Vernon Personal Development Career & Education Recreational Reading Each regional library offers
16 adult programs each month. *plus, ORL and ELF offer additional adult programs. 16 programs for adults
x 6 regional libraries

programs each month!* Targets
1. Business
2. Continuing Education
3. College/Careers
4. Job/Employment Targets
1. Parenting Skills
2. Healthy Lifestyles
3. Literacy Skills
4. Leisure Activities Targets
1. Author &
Member Interests
2. General Fiction
3. General Nonfiction
4. Genre Fiction Write! Go! Check out 3 (or more!) adult books! Let us know what your favorite
groundbreaking work is! Head to your closest
Regional Library to attend
one of our adult programs! Circulation Door Count Program Attendance Read! All libraries will receive: All libraries will provide: Enter all participants' names into a spreadsheet for the chance to win great prizes!
(Staff will print a duplicate receipt that the member can write their name and contact info on to enter.) (Using ASRP ballots.) Fliers for displays
PR for Self Checks (Read!)
Ballots (Write!) Ballot Box Career & Education Mary McNabb
Andrea Pearlstein Personal Development Arts & Literature Clare Bass Pat Rogers These new Adult Book
Discussions will replace all
existing book clubs at the
regional libraries.

Book Clubs at community libraries will be evaluated to see which clubs we may be able to exit from easily and which will take more time. Exit strategies will be different depending on the circumstances. We are purposely calling them book discussions and not "clubs" because they are open to everyone, and not restricted to a select group.

Members may select which discussions to attend based on which books are being
discussed that month. The four types of book discussions will include:

Popular / General Fiction
Literary Fiction
(Classic and/or Contemporary)
Genre (a specific genre or
a rotation of several) x 9 months of programming = adult programs a year There will be a master list of titles from which to choose for each type of discussion.

The list has been developed by the AS Managers and CDS, with input from
the L1s. Our new Book Discussions will follow the regular program schedule to occur nine months out
of the year.

They are planned to start in September, 2013 and all adult librarians will participate. We will focus on having these Book Discussions at the regional libraries because we have adult librarians to lead them and dedicated space in which the discussions will be held.

(L.A.s may support,
but not lead)
ERL: (3) Literary (mix), Nonfiction, & Genre (mix)

EVA: (3) Literary (mix), Popular Fic., & Nonfiction

SER: (3) Popular Fic., Genre (mix/Af. Amer.)
& Genre (mix/Insp.) CAM: (4) Lit. Classics, Two Popular Fic. (morn./eve.), & Nonfiction
NOR: (4) Literary (mix), Popular Fiction, Nonfiction & Genre (Myst.)
WRL: (4) Literary (mix),
Popular Fic., Nonfiction
& Genre (Myst.) That equals Adult
Book Discussions each month!

Book Discussions each year! Starting in May, members will be able to sign up for all AS programs through our online events calendar. They will just need to enter basic information to register. Additional Services Proctoring
Book Club Kits
Readers Interest Surveys
Outreach All regional libraries provide proctoring by appointment only: Monday - Thursday: 9 appointments/day
Friday: 5 appointments
Saturday: 4 appointments
Proctoring is not available on Sundays. Students can schedule themselves online. And they do!
Since January,
WCPL has proctored exams! These are still going strong! Early next year, we'll be re-investing in the kits --
be on the lookout for new titles and a PR push! Kit requests submitted through the website are divided between the Recreational Reading L1s and the Arts and Literature L1s. Proctoring Book Club Kits Readers Interest Surveys This is part of the Career and Education Program of Service. This is a service that we continue to provide. Since January, we have created reading lists for individual members. Outreach to senior centers is currently being evaluated. This is a part of their Program of Service. Requests that are submitted for pick up at community libraries will be fulfilled by the nearest regional and sent over! Requests can be made for any title -- not just those in the BCKT collection! Members can submit requests online. Members can submit requests online. This is part of the
Recreational Reading
Program of Service.
appointmentsper week!
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