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Getting metals from rocks

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Getting metals from rocks

To know how we get metals from rocks
To know the meaning of EIS
To show this with an experiment
Which metals are these?

Ag Ca
Au Mg
Pt W
Cu Sn
Al Pb
See page 305
Wildlife habitats are destroyed.
Valuable land is taken away.
Quarrying creates pollution from noise and dust.
Heavy traffic causes pollution and congestion on narrow country roads. The vibrations from heavy traffic can cause damage to buildings.
Quarries create visual pollution and tourists may not want to go there.
Landfill sites and waste tips need to be monitored to check for a build up of gases, such as methane.
Limestone is a non-renewable resource - so mining for it is unsustainable
Quarrying creates jobs.
We need the products, such as building stone and cement.
Mining provides income to local councils from taxes.
Good communications are needed for transporting the products of quarrying. As a result many areas benefit from improved access.
It is an important part of the economy.
Getting metals from rocks
Practical - making a metal
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