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Why were doing good things

No description

Colleen Fish

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Why were doing good things

Our results at the end of the project
The Path to ecological enlightenment

To be conscious consumers
Reducing waste contributes positively to the triple bottom line
The Core of the Project
To eliminate organic waste from our garbage and quantify the amount of waste we produce bi-weekly
How we collected waste
Overview of the project
Phase 1
Composting is great
There are negative implications of organic waste in landfills on climate change
We decided to make a compost bin!
Phase 2
Learning and Exploration
Shawnigan eco-village tour taught us lots of neat thing!
Close looped systems
re-purposing and recycling
Negative Waste
Waste management
Landfills are currently our conventional solution for waste, but can be done better
E-waste is very present landfills
Dynamics of plastic manufacturing
Doom and Gloom
11.2 Billion Tonns of solid waste are collected each year
2.5 million plastic bottles are used every hour in america
Kirsten - 16.5 L
Thomas - 16.1 L
Donovan - 10.5 L (It's complicated)
Colleen - 30.6 L
Sara - 6.5 L
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