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Indecent (?) Sports Talk


paolo omero

on 9 June 2009

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Transcript of Indecent (?) Sports Talk

During the halftime show of the
2004 Super Bowl between the New
England Patriots and the Carolina
Panthers, Justin Timberlake and
Janet Jackson performed together.
At the end of the duet, Timberlake
tore off a part of Jackson's costume,
exposing a breast.
Indecent (?) Sports Talk The Protagonists + Vice President and general manager
joined the company in 2000
one of the 50 most Influential Women in Radio
and one of the Best Managers in Radio. Jason Wolf Bret Erickson The Incident The Superbowl Fallout Arising Problems The WEEI WEEI did not receive fines from the FCC and the shows kept being succesful. In fact, in some part, the raciness of the talk was what attracted listeners. Julie Kahn broadcast life since mid-1920s
became a sports talk station in 1991
the most popular sports talk station in the US in 2004 one of the producers "Look, suppose I drop a cassette, or I'm getting something off the Internet, and I miss something and it goes out on the air. Now, not only can they fine the station, they can fine me and fine the host. It's a different time". "If we do a completely sanitized show and ratings go down I am going to be the first to be fired". Several cultural trends had brought
great pressure on the FCC: Growing popularity of rap music Increasing popularity of shock
jocks Uncivil political discourse In 2003, John Dennis and Gerry
Callahan made jokes interpreted
as racially biased Huge scandal and new law by the Senate.
By the following April, the FCC
had imposed more fines for indecency
than in the previous 10 years combined. Clear Channel Communications, the country's largest owner of radio stations, received a fine for nearly half a million dollars because of alleged indecency on Stern's show and responded by dropping Stern . But Julie Kahn understood that sexual and political content of her programming needed to be kept within boundaries.
She expected on-air personalities to interpret the new climate. Further a "dump" button combined with a 10-second delay between the live interaction in the studio and the actual broadcast Background Analysis Options training better ways of beeping do nothing: pressure from the FCC to tone down content is just temporary. Demands for censorship have been around for decades and have had real little impact on on-air broadcasting. In fact, WEEI are in the business of selling advertising time, and as long as advertisers are willing to spend, they might be able to take the chance of occasional fine.
maybe moving to the new medium of pay radio, where there is no censoriship?
Francesca Visintin Station program director Because of the success of the station, this is definitely not a turnaround situation. It is not possible. It is mainly a problem of behavioral change: mostly in terms of the on-air personalities.
What is required is incremental change. The raciness of the talk on air is partly responsible for the station's popularity. Too much censorship and the station could begin to lose listeners in its target audience: young males.
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