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The Future of English

No description

mersedeh badrian

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of The Future of English

The Future of English-Summary
The Future of English
What did we understand from David Graddol's text?
People who speak only English?
-Those who refuse to learn another language will be left out.
-Japanese, French and German are languages that will also be useful to learn.
-People need to learn other languages, especially those who work in the private sector

Technology and English
-Times have changed, teachers need to change their roles too-multimedia can be incorporated into our lessons
-The Internet is a useful tool because its content is in English and this can
help our learners build on their fluency.
-We have access to information at a much faster pace than ever
-We need to monitor and make sure our learners are using accurate language online.
English Teachers
-As English becomes a universal 'basic' skills, English teachers will need to learn other skills because teaching methods will change.
-English teachers cannot rely on traditional methods of teaching, there are a lot more methods available to us now.

English in Schools
English in China/India
-English will become important in China
-China's world influence might result in
Mandarin becoming a world language.
-Due to international business-people
may need to start learning/communicating in Mandarin.
-This might not be the case, India and China have used English to establish
a global economy.
-Ipads, Iphones, smartphones instead of books?
-With information so readily available, what will happen to our schools, libraries and teachers?
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