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Planned Giving-03.5

No description

Lura Albee

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Planned Giving-03.5

Recipe for
Baked Chicken

Planned Giving - Why Bother?
Risk Management

Easy Baked Chicken Cooking Light

Easy Baked Chicken
6 chicken breasts
2 cups onions and peppers (thinly sliced)
Salt & Pepper
½ cup fresh basil
½ cup olive oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Drizzle chicken breasts lightly with olive oil.

Sprinkle the chicken with remaining seasoning, onions and peppers.

Cover pan with foil and bake for 30-45 minutes.

Blue Sky/Possibilities
ROI (return on investment)
Planned Giving:
A Cooking Light Recipe
March 20, 2014
Stewardship Kaleidoscope Conference
St. Louis

Approve Gift Acceptance Policy
Understand Why Church Members Make Planned Gifts
Three Approaches to Planned Giving
Cooking Light
Chris McLeod, JD
Celebrate commitment of donors who have made bequests
Contact Information
Chris McLeod, JD
Horizons Stewardship
Baked Chicken in Cream Sauce
2 lb chicken thighs and drumsticks
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
6 fresh parsley sprigs
2 fresh thyme sprigs
1 bay leaf (not California)
4 carrots, cut diagonally into 1-inch-thick slices
2 cups shallots, thawed and patted dry
1/2 cup dry white wine
1/3 cup organic chicken broth
1 lb (1 1/2-inch) boiling potatoes, peeled and halved
2/3 cup crème fraîche
1 cup frozen baby peas, thawed
1 cup coarsely grated Gruyère

Special Equipment
a small square of cheesecloth
double boiler

Poulet à la Fermière -Bon Appetit
Poulet à la Fermière Bon Appetit
Poulet à la Fermière -Bon Appetit cont.
Heat butter in a 12-inch ovenproof deep heavy sauté pan over moderately high heat until foam subsides, then brown chicken all over, in batches if necessary, 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer to a plate and cover. Pour off all but 1 tablespoon fat from pan.
Discard bouquet garni. Stir in crème fraîche, peas, and salt and pepper to taste, then turn chicken in sauce to coat. Sprinkle dish all over with Gruyère and broil 4 to 5 inches from heat until browned and sauce is bubbling, 3 to 4 minutes.
Tie parsley, thyme, and bay leaf in cheesecloth to make a bouquet garni, then add to pan with carrots and onions, stirring to coat with fat. Add wine and deglaze by boiling over high heat, stirring and scraping up brown bits, until liquid is reduced by half, about 3 minutes. Add broth and chicken, skin sides up, with any juices from plate, and simmer, covered, 10 minutes. Add potatoes and salt and pepper to taste and simmer, covered, until chicken is cooked through and potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes.
Preheat broiler.
National Trend – Expenses absorbing larger percentage of church budget
Your members are already making them to colleges/universities.
Cooking Light Recipe
Adopt Reactive, Passive or Active Approach
Three Ways to Ask for the Bequest
Have you ever considered making a bequest to the church?
Would you consider endowing your annual stewardship commitment by making a bequest to St. Paul’s?
We are here to invite/ask you to consider making a bequest to the church.
Approve Gift Acceptance Policy
Focus on Bequests
Understand why members make planned gifts
Overlooking loyal donors who make smaller annual gifts – they are often more generous.
Not asking women – especially widowed/never marrieds.
Failure to manage expectations
Legacy Sunday
Founders Day
Beware of gifts that eat
Gift Acceptance Policy = Manage Liability & Hurt Feelings
Horizons Stewardship
Recipe for Planned Giving
Common Mistakes
Pastoral Support for Planned Giving
Donor Survey*
Focus on Bequests
Another 10% of planned gifts are beneficiary designations (retirement assets, life insurance, et. al.)
When asked why they did not make a charitable bequest,
72 percent said
* National Planned Giving Committee, Donor Survey 2000

“ It simply didn’t occur to me.”
70-75% of planned gifts are bequests
*Survey of donors in 2000 by The National Committee on Planned Giving (www.ncpg.com)

Never accept time shares
Only 15% are complex - CRUTS, CGAs etc.
Best Planned
Giving Prospects
Why People Make Planned Gifts*
Other Reasons
Why Members Make Planned Gifts
Common Endowment Funds
Campus & Facilities
Why Church Members Make Planned Gifts
Church’s Case for Planned Gifts
Buildings and Grounds
Donor Survey*
When asked why they did not make a charitable bequest,
72 percent said
*Survey of donors in 2000 by The National Committee on Planned Giving (www.ncpg.com)
Reduce taxes 35%
Lasting memorial 33%
Relationship w/rep of charity 21%
Family or friends encouraged 13%
Professional Advisor encouragement 12%
Support charity 97%
Use of gift by charity 82%
Faith community as “Family”
Family history with church - Baptize, Marry & Bury
Music Excellence
Ability to Recruit & Retain Outstanding Clergy
* National Planned Giving Committee, Donor Survey 2000

“ It simply didn’t occur to me.”
Scholarships & Summer Stipends for Seminary Students
Pastoral Sabbatical Fund
Music Excellence
Desire to be remembered
Avoid leaving too much money to children
Desire to make a difference
Family Legacy
Meaning and purpose
Church community = Family
Member has long history with church
Birth, Baptism, Marriage(s), Crises and Burials
Reactive Approach
Be prepared to respond to inquires from donors and professional advisors
Passive Invitational Approach
Recognize and celebrate bequest donors who complete Bequest Intention Form

Proactive Approach
Visit long-time members and invite them to consider making a bequest

Provide talking points for Clergy
Create a one page handout to share w/donors and professional advisors
Communicate impact of planned gifts received
Begin tradition of Legacy Sunday or Founders Day
Invite members to make a legacy gift in church bulletin, newsletter and on website
Highlight impact of bequest
Share long term vision and role of endowment
Be a Catalyst and Convener of PG Conversations
Best Planned Giving
Couples with no children
Other Interesting PG Facts
67% don’t inform charity of bequest
Relationship with Donors
Understand your role
Our Role
Members who have given 15 years+
Children are a bigger factor than education level or wealth
Single/Divorced/Never Marrieds – no children…especially WOMEN!!
21% have no prior affiliation
13% say privacy concerns
53% say lack of desire for attention
Servant Leader
Annual Gift Bequest
$2,000 = $40k
$5,000 = $100k
$20,000 = $400k
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