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The Brothers Grimm

No description

Mr. Stack

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of The Brothers Grimm

Early Childhood
Jacob was the 2nd oldest until his brother Freidrich died. And Wilhelm was the 2nd oldest from then on. They were the 2 of 9 children in the Grimm family. As they grew up they were very close friends. Soon their father died. This effected their education and financial status. Most of their siblings died. As you can see they had a rough childhood
Well let me give you a little over view about the Brothers of Grimm. The names of the brothers are Jacob and Wilhelm. They were the authors of the famous book, Fairy Tales From The Brothers of Grimm.That's one of the popular books they wrote. It was a collection of fairy tales such as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and other stories. Their stories were dark and sometimes bloody. SPOOOOOOOOOOKY
The life of Jacob and Wilhelm was tough. But their lives as adults was not too hard. As Wilhelm got married to Henrietthen Dorothea, Jacob stayed as a bachelor. He stayed with his brother and sister in - law. In 1830 they moved to Gottigen, in Kingdom of Hanover. They took employment at University of Gottigen. Jacob was a professor and head librarian. Wilhelm was a professor only. They read a lot in their adulthood

Life as a Author
The brothers wrote 17 editions of the book, Fairy Tales From The Brother of Grimm. The original book was in German. From 1807 until their death they wrote more stories in the Collection. Wilhelm usually edited and rewrote the stories to make them better. Jacob worked on the framework of the books. Later the brothers wrote for children because those days kids had nothing to do except school. The edition for kid was Children's and Household Tales. It had Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and other stories. They wrote over 200 stories. They wrote these stories because the wanted to expand german stories.
"Going Above to both ways"
If any questions or comments.....
The Original Book
The Birthday of Jacob
The Birthday of Wilhelm
Jacob Lecturing
I am Clapping 4 u
The Grimm brothers' last years were spent in preparing a complete dictionary of the German language, tracing the origin of every word. The first volume, published in 1854, has 1,824 pages but gets only as far as the word Biermolke. The Grimms' dictionary was carried on by generations of scholars after the brothers' deaths, and it was finally finished in 1960. Its completed form consists of sixteen large volumes. Their inspiration to write these 16 dictionaries was the the german language. They thought that it was a fascinating language and wanted the world to know too. Wilhelm died of an infection. He died in Berlin,Germany on December 16, 1859. Jacob continued to work on the dictionary and related projects until his death in Berlin, Germany on September 20, 1863. Bye bye Grimm Brothers!!!

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My book Fairy Tales Book

The Brothers Grimm
Jacob and Wilhelm
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