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Alabama During the Cold War. Ansley Reed and Dylan Manley

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on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Alabama During the Cold War. Ansley Reed and Dylan Manley

Alabama During the Cold War.
Key Players
The main people who were involved during this time period. It was the U.S.S.R and (obviously) the United states.
5 facts
1.In 1962 the U.S. Army Missile command commanded 19 major Missile Systems.
2.IN 1950 we had a rocket mission called operation paperclip.
3.Explorer 1 was America’s first satellite into orbit.
4.Redstone Arsenal was born of the war effort in World War II.
5.Before World War II, Huntsville was a less busy community known for its unique homes, its high level production in the cotton industry, and its role as Alabama's first official capital.
5 more Facts
6.Now a major center of the Army's missile command, The Redstone Arsenal continues to fuel Huntsville's high-tech economy.
7. With Europe and Asia already at war in the late 1930s, the U.S. Army began searching for a site for a chemical munitions plant. U.S. Congressman John J. Sparkman, a Tennessee Valley native, strongly promoted Huntsville as a location.
8. At the arsenal, the Army manufactured colored smoke munitions, tear gas, mustard gas, and other chemical warfare agents.
9. The ordnance plant produced grenades, bombs, and chemical artillery ammunition. During the war, more than 27 million items of chemical munitions were produced at the arsenal.
10. The ordnance plant produced approximately 45.2 million units of ammunition.
First we are going to start off by telling you what the Cold War is.The Cold War was a “war”. I use the word “war” very lightly and here is why… This “war” was between the U.S.S.R (Soviet Union) And the U.S.A (America) They Never Technically Declared war On each other. They were fighting to see who was the world superpower and who was more powerful as competitors and countries.

Impact on Society
The Cold War and Alabama’s Role in the Cold War’s Impact on
Society Was….. After Alabama joined the cold War The U.S.S.R launched Sputnik the first artificial satellite to
go into space. After this began the “Race to Space”.

In Conclusion… The Cold
War period includes
many high and low points for the two
superpowers and the world as a whole.
Perhaps the greatest threat to all
was the distinct possibility of nuclear
annihilation. While that didn’t occur,
it could have, and some of these turning
points we’ve considered may have made
the difference.
1. ? was America’s first satellite into orbit.
2.operation ?
3.? was born of the war effort in World War II.
4. Redstone Arsenal was born of the war effort in ?
5. In ? the U.S. Army Missile command commanded 19 major Missile Systems.

Answer Key
1. Explorer 1
2. Paperclip
3. Redstone Arsenal
5. 1962

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