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Robert J. Starratt

No description

Holly Anderson

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Robert J. Starratt

Robert J. Starratt
Building an Ethical School

Ethic of Justice
Maximizing the benefits for the group while respecting individual rights.
Ethic of Caring
Making decisions based on caring about the effects of those decisions on others
The Framework
Ethic of Critique
Ensuring that one's decisions do not increase the power and privilege of some groups over others
3 Ethical Themes for Admin
Ethic of Critique
Ethic of Justice
Ethic of Care
Ethical Decision
Robert J. Starratt
- Professor of Ed. Admin. at Boston College for
nearly 4 decades!
- Former principal, teacher of Math & English
- Works focus on ethical leadership
- Provides practical frameworks through which
to think
Power & Privilege
- Hierarchy
- Silence/Domination
- Status Quo
- Class
- Cultural Diversity
- Bias
What should Administration do?
- Admin are in charge of
social responsibility

- Along with individuals & schools, Admin
serve society

- Admin should provide a safe space where
all voices
can be
equally heard

Topics include: equality, common good, human and civil rights, democratic participation
- Equal Access
- Resource Allocation
- Participation / Inclusion
- Assessment
Policy, Regulation, Law
- Due Process
- Human Rights &
- Respect
Ethic of Justice involves
What is Administration to do
about Ethic of Justice?
- Start
involving curricula, textbooks, standardized testing

- Discussions not only about appropriateness but about
moral issues
that affect society

- Ongoing
in order to promote
Quality of Life
- Basic Needs
- Growth, development
- Well-being
- Environment
- Reciprocity, Love
- Care for the community
- Human potential, diversity
- Human dignity, empowerment
What are Administrators to do
about ethics of caring?
- Attention paid to
human exchanges

of employees

- Attending to
cultural tone
of school
Starratt admits that this framework is left to interpretation and asserts that
“one perfect choice does not exist”
, and encourages educational administrators to carefully examine each of the three ethical frameworks in order to
“move toward the ‘best’ choice given the circumstances”
(pp. 186-187).

"The right choice, at the right time, for the right reasons"

Admin stuck in managerial
Decision making doesn't
happen in a vacuum
Outside pressures
Experience/lack of
Hierarchical systems
Is leading by example enough?
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