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Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada

Grade 10 History Summative on MMIW

malithi w

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada

Outline of Research
Recommended Solutions
Government Response
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women of Canada
What response reveals
The Statistics
 1200
missing or murdered Canadian women in the last 30 years are Aboriginal. (RCMP, May 16 2014)
 Aboriginal women make up just
of Canadian female population but represent
of all missing and murdered Canadian women.

of all female homicide (murder) victims are aboriginal.
 Only
of murder cases involving aboriginal women are
, compared to the
rate for other Canadians.
 Aboriginal women are
8 times more likely
to be physically and sexually abused than other Canadian women.
 Roughly
of the murders and disappearances (of aboriginal women), which date back to 1975, have occurred since
2000 (increasing)
. The frequency for other Canadian women is slightly

Poor education
lower employment opportunities (Poverty)
lack of access to social resources"safety nets" and healthcare

Main factors increasing risk of experiencing violence:
Prostitution, Addiction and Insecure/No housing.
More solid research to determine:
root causes
contributing factors
more exact statistical information
 National Action Plan
National inquiry
1) Addiction rehabilitation centers
2) Safe houses and shelters
3) Mental health resources
Refuses to conduct a National Inquiry or implement a National Action Plan
despite national and international pressure
The Government’s failure to respond adequately to the issue reflects Systemic Discrimination in Canada.
The systems of inadequate
employment opportunities
child welfare
law enforcement
media coverage
that cause aboriginal women to to be overrepresented in missing and murdered Canadians reflect systemic discrimination
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