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Latin America Trip Samantha Helder

Samantha Helder

Curt DeYoung

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of Latin America Trip Samantha Helder

Latin America Trip
Day 1-Mexico
Fly from Grand Rapids to Canún-$1,227
Ride of boat to Holbox Mexico
Relax on beach and go kayaking-$45
Stay at Hotel Villas Flamingos-$524 per night
Day 2-Mexico
Go whale shark watching on a tour
Eat lunch then go back to Cancún
After we get back to Cancún get on a pane to go to Rio de Janeiro, Bazil-$15,651
Day 4-Brazil
Be on the Copacabana beach the whole day-$40-50
Day 3-Brazil
After the plane ride, ride to Windsor Marapendi Hotel where we will be staying-$544 per night
Get on a train to Christ Redeemer-$46
Day 6-Venezuela
Go scuba diving -$ 375
Then Go to the beach and relax
Day 5-Venezuela
Take a boat to Hotel Playa Grande in Mahim National Park -$ 528
By: Samantha
Day 7-Venezuela
Go sky diving
Then head back to the airport to go to Grand Rapids
Facts about Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela
Official name: Estados
Chihuahuas were named after Mexico, biggest brained dogs

Christ Redeemer took 9 years to build
would have cost $3.4 million in 2017

92% are Roman Catholic
Baseball is the most popular sport
The Grand Total is $19,700
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