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DCA 2 Review

No description

Danielle Williams

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of DCA 2 Review

What does the following image represent?
What is the difference between a bicameral and unicameral legislature?
What does the following image represent?
What is being portrayed in the following image?
DCA 2 Review
Which of the following was not a way that we gained land during Manifest Destiny?
A) Inheritance
B) Warfare
C) Diplomacy
D) Annexation
What does the following image illustrate?
What does the following image represent?
Who is being referenced in the following cartoon?
What was the main factor for deciding slavery or not in Kansas and Nebraska?
Identify the following checks and balances
Veto Bills
Declare laws unconstitutional
Appoint judges
Impeach the president
Rejects Appointments
Coins Money
Enforces Laws
Makes Laws
Reviews Court Decisions
Identify the following areas of Manifest Destiny:
Identify the following issues from Jackson's presidency:
What did James Madison have to create to get anti-federalist to ratify the constitution?
List 3 obstacles travelers faced moving out west?
What are 3 reasons travelers moved out west?
What does the following image represent?
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