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TSG - 30-60-90 Day Plan

30/60/90 Day Business Plan


on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of TSG - 30-60-90 Day Plan

Develop the Plan
First 30
From the leadership team what is expected of me
Financial objectives and win strategy for Y1
Organisational structure
Defined territory, potential quick wins
Best strategy to market
Technologies employed
Competitor analysis - Including legacy products
Clients and prospects
Potential opportunities already in pipeline
KPI requirement to build success

Study, Study,Study
Immerse myself in ABS technology stack
The ABS culture
ABS sales strategy & processes pertaining to my line of business.
Determine best route to markets utilising multi media
Day 31-60
Along the way:
Take on new challenges
Always giving 110% effort
Learn something new everyday
Day 61-90
In Conclusion...
Lee Harper
New Business Development Manager
7th January 2014

Knowledge Base
Something Quirky About Myself!
Execute the Plan
Is it the Plan?
The Execution f the Plan?
Building a Roadmap for Success
Pre 30 Days
To become an integrated and contributing member of the ABS sales team as quickly as possible.
Achieved by building relationships with team members and customers, learning systems, products.
Seeking, proposing, presenting and singing new business opportunities across the whole of the ABS suite of products for net new customers

Transferable sales achievement across many sectors

Consultative, solution selling skills

Strong C-level/board level communication, presentation skills

SME’s and large corporate organisations

Closed high volume £5-£20k deals

Strong business relationship builder at all levels

Presented on webinars and at conferences

Ability to manage concurrent sales cycles effectively, forecast deals accurately

Work and sell with the philosophy of treating the cause not the issue

Extremely dedicated, resourceful and ambitious

Interaction with senior executives across multiple industries

Ability to create demand generation through to closure of deals

Why I am Suited to the Position
Linked In

Begin the process of building professional relationships,
Marketing - To determine current plans in place and to develop a team approach for winning new clients
Pre / After Sales Management and teams to understand the full transition process
Current Sales Team - Meet and Shadow to tap into their experience to help determine current and best win strategy. To also understand their challenges in meeting goals.
Bond with successful sales peers. Study their successful processes, observe telephone and in person sales techniques. Pattern their marketing campaigns

To build relationship with internal teams to determine individual motivators and to determine KPI requirement for success
To turn in paperwork, reports in a timely manner
Study to improve product, services and industry knowledge
To build on any opportunities in pipeline and begin building 3 X target pipeline, continually updating CRM
To further build my corporate value proposition

Meet with Line Manager to ensure & Review all plans for first 30 days are completed
Marketing strategy and amend where required
KPI for appointment generation
Internal relationships and continue to build

KPI Strategy
New revenue and opportunities
Long term sales plan based on information obtained from Sales Leadership & Sales team
Strategies designed to overcome competitive threat
knowledge of products and services in line to be able to present confidently
Opportunities already in pipeline and with net new opportunities
Partner networking opportunities to strengthen relationship
Devise the Plan

Don't Miss the Gorilla in the Room!
My understanding of the Legal Sector
Challenges Facing Law Firms!
Meet & Build:
My understanding of the Legal Sector

How I make a difference

30-60-90 Day Plan.

Something quirky about myself .

More Important
Large - More than 25 Partners 2%

Medium - 3-25 Members / Partners 18%

Sole Practitioners - 1-3 Members / Partners 80%




High Street

Significant part of the economy equivalent to 1.8% of the country's GDP
Legal Reform / Governance
Legal Services Act
Solicitors Regulation Authority
Legal Services Board

Drive in Efficiency

Retain & Grow Customer Base

Increased Competition

Alternate Fee Structure

Attract & Retain Talented Workforce

Similarities with dentistry are endless
Approximately 11,100 private practice law firms in the UK;
Any Questions?
Thank You
Next Steps!
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