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Human and Physical features of Colorado

No description

kadynce ford

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Human and Physical features of Colorado

There are dry winters, windy springs, low-humidity summers, and pleasant falls.
The mountains and surrounding valleys greatly effect the local climate.
Colorado's landforms are Great plains, Rocky mountain, Colorado plateau, Elevations.
Denvers on the edge of Sourthern Rocky Mountains Front Range, which stretches 300 mile.
They sometimes call it Mile high City.
Colorado is surrounded by Nebraska and Wyoming.
It's boundary length is 1,307 miles.
It's also situated in the Rocky Range.
Some of the animals that live in colorado are beavers, moles, coyotes, foxes, and wolves.
There are over 750 species that live in colorado.
Colorado biomes Alpine Tundra.
There's lots of snow, wind, and rain
Over 70,000 people speak spanish in colorado.
84.9 percent speak english
Colorado has 956 designated miles of interstate highway.
Interstate first sighned and showed up on colorado maps in 1961
Famous Person
Tim Allen is 63 years old, and has two children.
He was born in Denver Colorado.
Garden of the Gods seems like a great place to visit.
It's located in Colorado springs.
NFL football team for Colorado is the broncos
They began there team in 1960.
They also started to play for the NFL in 1970
Physical Geography
Human Geography
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