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No description

Saja Adouri

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Hemochromatosis

Finding Hemo
Team Members:
Lindsey Rawlings
Tyla Thomas
Rob Colonna
Priyanka Bhatt
Sam Othman
Saja Adouri
Chelsey Larose
Overall Problem
Value Proposition
and MVP
Hypothesis- Beneficiaries
Who are the
Patients with hemochromatosis
A Day In the Life of ...
What are beneficiary pains and gains?


HCT patients
Product Market Fit
Market Type
Market Size
80, 000
Deployment (aka Channels)
What's the problem?
What does CBS think?
Our evidence informed conclusion
Low donation rates
Processing problem
Deployment Issue
"I personally am a blood donor only because I have hemochromatosis and I have to give blood in order to keep my iron levels balanced"
Current Deployment

How do we get customers?
Contact for Diagnosis/appointments
Transfusion officer --> letters

Access to information and support
Hemochromatosis Patients
Physical Channels:
Direct Web/Mobile:
Referral from physician/hospital
Pamphlet packages
Social Commerce
Deployment Economics
Cost hospital to do every phlebotomy procedure
Physicians--> providing them with resource, helps patients
Hospital & administrators--> more blood for other procedures
Deployment Fit
Instead of...
Buy-in and
Get, Keep, Grow
Get (physical channels):
“We would love to be a part of this project, and help
out with anything to help increase blood donations.
We are already CBS’s Partner for Life” - CHS

“I’m not too thrilled about having the
disorder, but I feel good that my blood
will go for a good cause”
Get (web channels):
Get, Keep, Grow
KEEP (Physical Channels):
Product updates
Customer Satisfaction

KEEP (Web Channels):
Social Media (online focus group “I would love to have a support group”)

Get, Keep, Grow

GROW (Physical Channels)
GROW (Web Channels)

Fogg Behaviour Model




Key activities and Key Resources
Individuals with Hemochromatosis:

“...liked the idea that we suggested to incorporate a
support brochure
as he is new to hemochromatosis”

“Not exactly thrilled that he has hemochromatosis, but
feels better knowing that his blood can go to a good cause and help save lives

"Wants more people to be

of this health problem

A strategy to increase blood donation is education! Educating and motivating individuals with hemochromatosis to donate at CBS will provide a large group of donors.

Customer Discovery...
Key Activities
Problem Solving

Problem Solving & Production

Informing doctors, patients, health administrators
Making the package
Contents: Finding Hemo brochure with link to website, hemochromatosis brochure, blood donation brochure, and poster on questionnaire

Key Resources
Employers & CBS





Product (package)
Funding from HCT
Contracts between hospitals and CBS and HCT
Look at changing CBS guidelines for individuals with Hemochromatosis to be able to donate more

In the Future...
After focusing on hospitals in the area, we can spread out to other big cities

"... the interval between donations is controlled by our computer system"
Customer Discovery
“...because I have Hemochromatosis and I have to give blood…”

“some hemochromatosis patients undergo therapeutic phlebotomy in the hospital outpatient clinic setting”

“(to be eligible for donation blood)
must follow the donation guidelines as per Canadian Blood Services
Most hospitals would not have those
testing processes
readily available (including donor questionnaire screening). Hospitals are also not able to
track the blood products
as per the systems Canadian Blood Services has established.”
Has done approximately 31 phlebotomies since June 2016
Package: really liked the idea that we suggested to incorporate a support brochure as he is new to hemochromatosis

Individual with Hemochromatosis:

...would definitely benefit from this package. Loved the idea of better linking those with hemochromatosis with

options to do phlebotomies and putting the blood to a good cause

about this idea and where it will end up and would like to be a part of it. Not exactly thrilled that he has hemochromatosis, but
feels better

knowing that his blood can go to a good cause and help save lives

Hemochromatosis patients= missed opportunity for blood donation

Joint Business
“there is a push towards assisting patients in connecting with community resources as it improves coping with the disease and diagnosis”

It's a win for everyone!
Increased brand awareness and recognition

Help increase blood donations; patient satisfaction
Increased donations
How is it a win for team Finding Hemo?
Budget and Mission Achievement Factors

Informational package?

Mission Budget
Mission Achievement Factors
Mission Achievement: value you are creating for the sum of all of the beneficiaries /the greater good.
Keep in mind, there is only mission achievement if it delivers value to the
What About Revenue
Facilitated Network Business:
Platform > Product
Hemochromatosis Patients

Thank you for listening to Team Finding Hemo's Final Presentation
The End!
Questions or Comments ?
We Need Blood!
This year 100,000 new blood donors are needed across Canada to help meet the needs of patients.
Only 4% that donate even though 60% are eligible.
On average each donor gives about 2 times per year.

Total # of contacts: 72
CBS Contacts: VP Donor Relations, Director of Sales, Territory Managers, Event Coordinators, etc.
Other Contacts: Blood Transfusion Safety Officers, RNs, Business Managers, etc.

Referral Program
Deliver to patients through doctors
Finding Hemo Brochure
Canadian Hemochromatosis Society Brochure
Canadian Blood Services Information
Link to our website

referral program
hemochromatosis patients
get better, help others, and feel better
donating at CBS to increase
blood supply
Value Proposition
Why this overcomes the problem
Donating at CBS increases number blood donors

Benefits of donating at CBS
Functional: save money and time
Social: help others, recognition
Emotional: feel better

Different approach than CBS
Mass media v.s. message tailoring

" The only reason I donate is because I have hemochromatosis"
“Inventory problems it may cause a delay in treatment”
“Transfusion for patients have been delayed”
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