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Virtual Meeting

No description

John Barlow

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Virtual Meeting

Together Virtual Meeting
27 January 2015
Why are we here?
Global Patient Solutions Dermatology
Navigate the future together
Global Patient Solutions Dermatology
Navigate the future together
Why the need for change?
We need to help more patients like SARAH
Global Patient Solutions Dermatology
Navigate the future together
What will it be like to be a patient in 5-10 years’ time?
Global Patient Solutions Dermatology
Navigate the future together
We have listened to patients & developed solutions they need
How will we ensure a successful future for LEO and dermatology patients?
Navigate the future together
Why are we changing?
…based on YOUR feedback
“More communication and strategy on how to become the preferred Derma care partner.”
General Manager
“Hope to see more best practice sharing and business insights.”
Regional Director
“Clarity on strategy and engagement in development.”
General Manager
‘Huge need for commercial input that is not met… we need to understand the future needs, not just the current market situation.”
New Product Discovery
“Stop operational projects, replicating work done of the product manager in affiliates.”
Senior Management
Navigate the Future
Navigate the future together,
Current State
through valued interactions
Future State
Increased commercial input, e.g.:
New ingenols
Systemic psoriasis solution
Eczema market research

Business development support, e.g:
JTE commercial support
Sunrise commercial considerations

Pipeline – key changes
Focus on commercial direction
Quarterly strategic interactions with focus markets
Monthly interactions with regions to support delivery

Inline – key changes
Inline – boosting BOOST
Submission of Global/ Local deliverables
Successful future for LEO & patients
Navigate the Future Together
– provide insightful commercial direction meeting the needs of the patients
Future Readiness
One Derma: High Performing team
New collaboration tool: DermaConnect
Comments & questions
Why a portfolio?
Why not a portfolio?
Living with psoriasis
Unite and build momentum in bringing a wider strategic topical psoriasis portfolio to the patients

Move from protecting the business to expanding the business – helping even more people with psoriasis

Tap into the huge co-creation potential with lead markets, regions and global

Why storytelling?
“Stories engage beyond logic and connect at a much deeper level”
Why storytelling?
Immersion in
existing insights
and research
Immersion in
existing insights
and research
Roll-out with
positioning space
& opportunities
portfolio & solution
Adaptation & test
A portfolio ‘designed for living’
For many people with psoriasis the burden of treatment is as bad as the burden of condition. They struggle to find solutions that fit their needs and their lives and end up frustrated, uncontrolled, suffering in silence.

We believe there’s a better way.

LEO combines scientific know-how with patient know-how to create innovations that are both effective and usable - delivering real world benefits.

Effective solutions designed for living with psoriasis.

DESIGNED FOR LIVING = Efficacy x Usability
Solution story Daivobet® gel
Patients find their own way of living with psoriasis and for some this means a quick and easy solution with no complicated decisions attached. Simple has its advantages:

Simple choice
– trusted gel formulation with proven efficacy and tolerability
Simple pack
– easy squeeze dispense, compact, portable bottle
Simple solution
– easy to use and there when you need it

Patient friendly and proven psoriasis treatment, Daivobet® gel remains a popular topical combination solution.

Simple solution –
with psoriasis
Solution story Daivobet® gel
Treating hard to reach areas such as the scalp area remains one of the most frustrating and difficult aspects of living with psoriasis. The ‘stress and mess’ of daily treatment means many people simply give up and never achieve optimal treatment. Daivobet® gel Applicator is an innovative solution, developed by working closely with patients who want:

– trusted brand with proven efficacy and tolerability
– option of non-touch application for less mess
– precise dose and application

Daivobet® gel Applicator allows patients to put what they want, where they want it…and nowhere else.

Targeted solution –
with psoriasis
Solution story Daivobet® gel
True innovation changes the world for the better. Our goal is to transform psoriasis treatment where the burden of treatment can be as bad as the burden of condition. By integrating scientific innovation with patient understanding Enstilar® offers a whole new treatment experience:

See it
– white aerosol foam for fast application and absorption
Feel it
– cooling sensation for immediate feeling of relief
Believe it
– fast onset of action and superior efficacy

Enstilar® is more than a new treatment, it is a whole new experience. Feeling is believing.

New sensation –
with psoriasis
Roll-out & communication
Comments & questions

Duncan Ferguson
Lars Olsen
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