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Basic Beverage Training

No description

Dominik Schachtsiek

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Basic Beverage Training

Red Wine fermenting
Which are "just" fermented beverages?
First step: fermentation
Mezcal still
Grain based
Grape based
Fruit based
Sugar cane based
Maguey based
Based on other products...
What is distillation and which distillates d you know?
Temperature is the most important point, when it comes to drink quality - you can have the best beverages in the world - however if you don't serve them on the right temperature, all goes to waste!
Usually room temperature beverages are always served too warm and cold beverages are always served too cold.
We are not living in a perfect world, but sometimes small "hacks" can help to prevent a beverage which is far off...
The ideal Temperature
What is important, when it comes to bev service?
Basic Beverage Training
from A like abv to Z like slivovitz
Drinks service
Determine the glass by order
on the rocks
It is often very easy, to select the right glass, if the guests is ordering it a special way:
On the rocks - means with ice cubes. Always served in a rocks glass [whiskey tumbler/Old Fashioned glass]
Neat - means without any ice. Usually it is served in a "rocks-glass" or in a nosing glass - or snifter.
Shots are served in a shot glass, duh!
Up - this is maybe the most complex one: guests would like to have it shaken or stirred on ice and then strained - usually into a Cocktail [aka Martini] glass - hence it is cold without the ice.
Palm Wine
Vodka (traditionally)
Gin (London dry)
Liqueurs (...)
Sake (not a spirit, but)
Whisky & whiskey

Grape Based:
Brandy de Jerez
other brandies
no fruit brandies!
Apples, pears, raspberry, apricot, etc.
Eaux de vie
Apples & pears
Apple (& pear) brandy / Calvados

Maguey based
Other Products:
Sweet Potato, barley, buckwheat, rice, sugar cane

Sugar Cane based
Rhum agricole
The right glass
The right temperature
Proper presentation
With or without ice
With ca. 1" head
Beer glass / branded specialty glass [the right beer in the right glass!!!]
Properly cold [especially lagers!]
Non-frosted glass
Beers without head only on special request!
Grappa & eau de vie
Grappa glass
Room temperature [ideal 16-18°C]
Most of the time as digestif
Tequila / Mezcal
Original glass: Caballito (Tequila)
Vaso Veladora (Mezcal)
though a shot glass or nosing glass are adequate substitutes.
Blanco & reposado tequilas [shot glass] can be offered with lime wedge and salt [salt shaker or bowl] on the side - however anejo tequilas, should be never served like that!

Other ways to drink:
with sangrita
as bandera
with orange & chili [especially Reposados].
Served chambraire [room temperature 18 degrees]
Perfect in a nosing glass
Most guests prefer a snifter [not so good]
Never on the rocks!
except the guest is asking particularly for it!
Rum is not only a mixing spirit - it is also highly regarded under connoisseurs!

Sipping rums [long aged rums] are best offered neat in a nosing glass or on the rocks in a "rocks glass" / whiskey tumbler.
Rum served in drinks, will use the particular glass shape of the mixed drink!
Vodka & Gin
Vodka is usually offered in mixed drinks.
When it is ordered as shot - it needs to be in a shot glass.
When it is ordered on the rocks - you would offer a "rocks-glass".
Gin is usually only ordered as mixed drink - a G&T is a highball and requires the matching glass!
Whisky & Whisky
Whisk(e)y comes in so many varieties, that you need to know the style, to determine the way of service!
...has the highest diversity in distilleries. But basically there are only 2 major styles:
Malts & Blends
Malts are offered in nosing glasses always neat!
Blends usually are offered on the rocks - but it is always save to ask the guest, how he would like to have it!
Japanese whisky is pretty much the same style as Scotch whisky and needs the same glasses!

Be aware, that a guest ordering a Japanese whisky without being "upsold" is very likely a connoisseur, who would be disappointed, if you would do a faux pas [ice in malts, wrong glass etc].
A great way, to serve malts and pure pot still whiskeys is to offer a nosing glass, a small carafe with water [only filled 1/4] and a 2/3 filled glass with iced water.
Hence the guest can open up the whisky [with a drop of water] and have some water on the side to truly enjoy their sipping experience!
Irish Whiskey...
Has three major styles: the authentic style is Pure Pot Still whiskey, which can be offered like a malt [nosing glass, neat].
The have also Irish malt whiskey [also offered as a malt, duh!]...
And blended whiskey... you would need the guest to ask, how they would like their blends!
US whiskey
It is not that easy, if it comes to American whiskey...
You have the famous Straight whiskeys - Rye, Bourbon/Tennessee, and the rare Straight Wheat - most of the time consumed on the rocks [proper ice!] or even sometimes neat in a nosing glass!
There are corn whiskeys and moonshine [lets not talk about it]...
Blended American Whiskeys are similar to Canadian whisky - rather low quality mixing whisk(e)y... But there are also malts and other "experiments"
Flavored whiskey is not really whiskey - often these are even liqueurs [sweetened].
One of the most common orders for spirits which are simply mixed with mixers - either way sodas or juice.
Any "long" drink with a base of spirit is usually referred to long drink. A long drink which is particularly made with a carbonated beverage [soda] is usually referred to as highballs.
The glass for it is a long drink glass or highball.
Usually these drinks get also a garnish - lemon and lime wedges, half orange wheels, lemon twists etc.
Every highball has its own history - but they are the most popular and renowned drinks around!
Popular highballs & long drinks are:
Cuba Libre
Harvey's Wallbanger
Moscow Mule
Please make sure:
If not otherwise stated, we are serving these drinks
club service
- serving the mixer on the side [caraffe/bottle],
a stirrer also helps!
The glass should be also always
with proper ice cubes - if the guest didn't ordered different!
Cape Cod
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