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OPPD Update - Greater Omaha Economic Development Training

No description

Tim O'Brien

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of OPPD Update - Greater Omaha Economic Development Training

OPPD Update
OPPD Update
Generation Options
OPPD Update
Planed Rate Concepts/Programs
Economic Development Team Update
Staff Roles
2014 Focus
Coordination with you
Quiz with Cash and Prizes...yes I am serious
Tim O'Brien
Economic Development

Planned Economic Development Rate Rider
2.5mw of new load with a 60% load factor
5 year declining discount or flat 5 year discount
formula used for discount
Requires separate ECD agreement
NE Adv. or other State Incentives Required
Planned to for July Board Meeting
Planned Green Programs
Renewable Portfolio Option
All OPPD Wind
Price above stand energy charges
12 month contract
OPPD Economic Development Team
Tim O’Brien– Manager, Economic Development
Devin Meisinger –Sr. Economic Development Coordinator
Jason Esser – Business Retention & Expansion Coordinator
Brook Aken - Economic Development Coordinator - June 9th
For the Greater Omaha ED Partnership
May 29, 2014

Green Sponsorship Program
A company may sponsor a portion of the output of a specific wind farm
Will receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
Long-term contract receiving a long-term locked in formula-based price for green energy
Status - still working through details and concept goal to be to the board around July
Create and retain revenue for the Omaha Public Power District through the attraction of new business; the retention and expansion of existing business; and by fostering economic growth in our communities.

Business Recruitment
Business Retention and Expansion
Community Development

Business Recruitment
Project support
Site Identification and Development
Partner support
Program support (e.g. incentives, training resources, etc.)
Headquarter visits
OPPD BRE Program
Partner BRE Program support
Program support (e.g. incentives, training resources,
innovation $, modernization $, etc.)

Community Preparedness
Site development, identification, and marketing
Strengthen local organizations
Share best practices
Program support (e.g. Econ. Dev. Certified Community, planning, training resources, etc.)

Not just Econ Dev...
Rates, Products & Services, Strategic Initiatives, Lean/Kaizen, Infrastructure & generation planning, cost savings, asset utilization....other duties as assigned....
2014 Objectives
New website www.oppd.com/EconDev
LOIS - Site and Building Database
Conduct at least 100 BRE visits
Support Greater Omaha Chamber's Site Development Efforts
Tim - Site TAG Chair
Exceed electric revenue goal
Champion Econ Dev & Green Sponsorship Rate/Program
Support 14th straight JD Power Award
Develop joint recruitment strategy with DED and GOC
Assist Targeted Communities with Economic Development Certified Community Program
Continue Internal Entrepreneurship
Support Industry & Cluster Initiatives
Host/sponsor economic dev. training and a "power 101" session
Take out a sheet of paper...

First one that brings the correct answers to me wins a nice prize
1) OPPD has won thirteen straight ______
2) What is the address of OPPD's new economic development website?
3) What is the name of Tim Burke's (OPPD VP & Greater Omaha Economic Development Chair) Irish Band?
Our goal is to support and ensure all areas of the Greater Omaha Partnership grow
Message to leave with...
- Stable and Diverse Energy Mix for the Future

- Paradigm shifts - Opportunities for Econ. Dev.
- Batteries and Storage
- Demand Management - "Nest"

- Not just "Your Energy Partner"
- Support across the partnership and region

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