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George Lopez

best actor alive

J Alaimo

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of George Lopez

George Lopez George was born in Mission Hills, CA on April 23,1961 Stand up comic George has his own shows, Geoge Lopez, and Lopez tonight George won a grammy nomination for his comedy album Team Leader and best selling author for his autobiography "Why You Cryin" George struggled with a genetic condition that deteriorated his kidney, and his wife Anna donated one of her kidneys to him in 2005. The Lopez family consists of George, his wife Anna and his daughter, Mayan Wapah! Sabes que, i'm gonna solve this the Lopez way! George loves to golf, he learned by hitting lemons as a kid in his backyard. Turned down a role in Desperado because he didn't want to be in films that promoted negative images of Latinos. He was always told his father was dead, but just recently he found out his father could potentially be living in Mexico. Voted one of the funniest Hispanic comics in the Country He is booked into some of the most prestigious venues, and generally plays to sold out crowds He was then raised by his maternal grandmother, Benita Gutierrez, a factory worker, and step-grandfather Refugio Gutierrez, a builder. George's dad abandoned him when he was 2. His mother left him for a man when he was 10. George starred in the movie Valentines Day George Lopez is my hero. in my opinion, i think George is a great comic but he has to watch what he says sometimes because people tend to take them offensively.
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