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Community Services

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Brady Seitz

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Community Services

The services most applicable to youth would be the following:
Community Services
Child Development Programs - combination of education with care to prepare children to reach their full potential
After-School Programs - May support educational success as well as recreational activities (eg. Summer Day Camps)
Clothing Assistance - Many Goodwill stores will provide one time assistance to purchase new clothing such as back to school uniforms.
GED Programs
Internships and On the Job Experience (eg. Youth Works)
Employment Preparation Training
Vocational Training
Career Counseling
Leadership Development
Being in the GoodGuides Program has given me new and good ideas of what I want to do with my future." - GoodGuides Youth

Youth Services
Page 1
Monday, August 11, 2014
Volume 1 Issue 1
Community Services
Goodwill Industries International
How It Works
Re-Entry Program
Goodwill Industries International offers more than discounted clothing and home furnishings. Many stores offer services to the communities in which they operate:

Money Services
Financial Coaching
Savings and Loan Support
Tax Preparation
Family Services Support
Education Programs
Community Services such as childcare and after-school Programs
Financial Aid for Education
Access to Transportation
Entrepreneur Resources
Business Classes
Business Financing Options
Additional Services
Clothing Assistance
Medical Rehabilitation
Childcare and After-School Programs
Adult Day Services
• TEO participants are employed at Goodwill’s donation processing center where you will acquire marketable skills processing donated textiles and computers and working on sub-industrial contracts from local businesses.
• Beyond building a resume and developing positive work behaviors, participants earn a weekly paycheck.
• Once considered job ready (no more than 16 weeks), a team of career specialists help them to search for competitive employment in the community.

Community Services
Mentoring Program for Youth
GoodGuides Mentoring Program
The Goodwill GoodGuides program is made possible through a $19.1 million grant to Goodwill Industries International from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Delinquency Prevention. The grant is dispersed to 56 independent Goodwill headquarter agencies in 38 states around the country.
The overall goal of the Goodwill GoodGuides program is to help youth build career plans and skills, and prepare for school completion, post-secondary training and productive work by providing structured and supportive relationships with trusted, caring adult volunteer mentors. The program targets youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who are least likely to have trusting relationships with adults due to a variety of risk factors, such as failure in school due to poor grades or low attendance, or are at risk for delinquency due to issues such as abuse, disability, drug or alcohol dependence, family violence, or gang membership.
Training for Non-Violent Offenders
Re-Entry Program
Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) program offers job readiness training and job placement services for people after incarceration to help you find work, launch careers and rebuild your life. Goodwill offers re-entry programs in various states across the United States. The program is offered to individuals that are at least 18 years old or older with non-violent and non-sexual criminal offenses. The following information is from the TEO program in central and northwest Arkansas

Program Benefits
Re-Entry Program
• 16-week job training program
• Employability assessment
• Barrier assessment and barrier removal strategies
• Occupational training
• Career planning and job search assistance
• Resume development
• Referral services to other resources and programs
• Basic education services (literacy, High School Equivalent Certificate, Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate)

Page 2
Monday, August 11, 2014
Volume 1 Issue 1
Community Services
A Wide Variety of Services
Education Programs
- Focus on improving literacy, building English language skills (for non-native speakers), earning your high school diploma or even acquiring the skills to successfully protect and care for your children.
Community Programs
- Include childcare and after-school programs for children and assist in screening for federal and state supported benefit programs to determine eligibility.
Family Support
- Financial aid for education and access to community transportation.
- Offers of affordable housing options or connections to community partners to help find affordable and safe housing options.
Clothing Assistance
- Offers emergency clothing, back to school outfits for children or clothing for job interviews through a one-time assistance to purchase clothing through a local Goodwill store.
Entrepreneur Resources
- Offering classes to assist people in starting their own businesses and can provide loans or partner with community resources to help individuals start businesses.

Services for All Ages of the Community
Senior Citizens
Community Services
- Social and educational programs for seniors.
Family Support
- Access to transportation to get around the community.
- Some Goodwills provide specialized affordable housing services to support seniors who want to live independently.
Clothing Assistance
- Offers one-time assistance to purchase emergency clothing, such as after a natural disaster, in a local Goodwill store.
Medical Rehabilitation
- The Goodwill team can help participants learn or re-learn work and social skills, prepare for independent living, and help them return to work
Adult Day Services
- Some Goodwills provide day services for older adults who need daytime support and supervision. Programs encourage independence through self-care skills, goal setting, and community activities.

Services for Everyone
Individuals with Disabilities
All services available for adults plus:
Adult Day Services
- Some Goodwills provide day services for adults with disabilities who need daytime support and supervision. Programs encourage independence through self-care skills, goal setting, and community activities.
- Some Goodwills provide specialized affordable housing services to support adults with disabilities who want to live independently.
Community Services
- Social and educational programs for people with disabilities as well as screening services to see which federal and state supported benefits programs for which they may be eligible.
Supporting our Troops
Veterans - The American Red Cross
Goodwill provides the same services to veterans as other adults.

The American Red Cross offers more indepth coverage for veterans:
Red cross offers Emergency Communication Services – Red Cross will deliver notification of an emergency, verify accurate facts and descriptions to service members stationed anywhere in the world
Red Cross partners with Air Force Aid Society, Army Emergency Relief, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, and Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to provide financial assistants for things such as: emergency travel, burial of a loved one, emergency food and shelter, etc.
Provides information and referral services
Referrals to community resources
Assists with claimants who seek to appeal to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals for benefits
Volunteerism in VA and Military Hospital
Community Services
The American Red Cross
The American Red Cross offers a wide variety of services to the community. There are three main categories of service:
Disaster or Emergency Assistance
Find an Open Shelter
Disaster Recovery Guides
Contacting of Finding Loved Ones
Register or Search the Safe and Well Listings
Find Family Internationally after a Crisis
Military Family Services
Emergency Communication for Military Families
Obtain Financial Assistance
Information and Referral Services
Deployment Support and Services
The Red Cross also offers training and certifications with classes in your local area
Prisoner Support Program
Prisoner Visit Resource Center

This program provides support for a prisoner’s family to visit them and also provides support for the prisoner. Red Cross feels that it is very important for prisoners to maintain a connection with their family and friends while incarcerated. They provide counseling a support for everyone that is involved in the visitation.

A program that provides nutrition education for prisoners. This program teaches prisoners about food nutrition and how to prepare meals.

A training program offered to prisoners so that they can learn how to recognize and act if a person is in distress do to intoxication or drug use. After the program they are awarded with CPR certification.

Prisoner Support Program
Melbourne Youth Justice Centre
- This program allows youth offenders to have social interactions with others. They have this interaction through sports. The program is structured so that the youth offenders can have positive influences in their lives.
Talk Out Loud
- A mental health training course that is offered to youth offenders. This program helps the offenders recognize mental health issues and how to get help for them.
Step Out
- A program that is offered to youth offenders. This program focuses on integrating the offenders back into society.
Red Cross goals with these programs are to help prisoners and their families cope with incarceration, assist the youth with staying out of the system and to provide a program that will keep prisoners from becoming repeat offenders.

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University of Phoenix AET 508
Service Organizations
August 11, 2014
Professor Michael Burnett

Brady Seitz
Tanisha Cleveland
Maranda Bryant
Tiffany Poole
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