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iDOCS [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of iDOCS [Shared]

Innovative Telehealth Platform
Time has come to put a stop to the “free lunch” program.
Your physicians can access various specialists from a dedicated computer at your facility

Patients can be co managed well with the staff physicians, thereby reducing costs expedited and efficient discharges, all with better outcomes

If necessary, our physicians can access your EMR to review/ document the chart
How Does It Work
Why Is It Beneficial To
Your Organization
Each physician receives 10-15 phone calls a day after hours

Most of these calls are trivial and sometimes abusive because prescription refills are requested and they have not been seen in office for a long time

Most often the patients do not even belong to the physician taking calls.
iDocs gives the physicians an opportunity to still serve the patients but in the process, get paid !!

Each physician can potentially earn $120,000- $150,000 just by capturing the income via iDocs
The Problem
Millions of patients do not know where to turn to when they are sick – especially over the week ends or holidays

Their options are either urgent care, Emergency rooms, nurse practitioners at walgreens or wait till next working day to see their doctors

Many of the patients do not even have a PCP and it makes the matters worse
Most of the conditions that are treated in doctors offices are minor and can be managed via our telemedicine services at a fraction of the cost.

When needed, your employees just call and consult with one of our highly trained doctors right from work or at the comfort of their home.

Treatment decisions are made within 15 minutes and if the employee´s condition is minor and does not require taking a day off, he/she can continue to work
The Problem
ERs and Urgent care centers are burdened with trivial cases thereby potentially delaying care to the really sick !!

Care given by nurse practitioners is not the same as the physicians

AND, most of the above options cost tremendous amount of money causing burden on our economy and health care dollars
We provide affordable, economical and superior solution to the growing need in this area

Insurance companies and the government can save billions of dollars if they can prevent unnecessary ER/UC visits and hospital admissions

At the same time improving quality of care and patient convenience
Accessible Health Care !!
Source – standard insurance company study
How Can We Enhance Your Organization
Productivity of your employees is crucial to your business

Health care related loss of productivity runs in billions of dollars each year

We are available 24/7 for your employee health care needs, so they need not take a ‘sick day” off from work.
Often, the needed prescriptions are called in and the employee can pick up the medicine on their way home

There is no loss of time driving to Doctor´s office, urgent care or emergency rooms

No waiting time for an appointment

No long waits in the ´waiting´ rooms
Anytime !!!
Who Are We
Innovative telemedicine company

Created, owned and operated by healthcare professionals who fully understand the challenges of modern day healthcare in the United States and across the globe

Provides low cost, most efficient and rapidly responsive solution to the health care needs
What Do We Provide
Telemedicine services to facilities across the United States that do not have easy access to specialist care

Our specialties include Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine, Allergy/Immunology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Podiatry, Urology, Internal Medicine, General and Orthopedic Surgery and many more
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