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Intium Novum: The Land Of New Beginnings

No description

Kendall Lemons

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Intium Novum: The Land Of New Beginnings

Initium Novum
By Kendall Lemons
Naming of My Utopia
The name of my utopia is Latin for "new beginning." My utopia brings the sense of a clean slate, or new a life for society. In my particular world people are encouraged to feel equal with their fellow neighbors and live amongst them without the feeling of negativity or distastefulness.
Declaration of Independence
We the fair and just people of this society have come to recognize our old American society as unfair, unjust, and forever changing. We as a people feel that our society shall welcome everybody from all walks of life and accept them as our own. We will set our foot down on changing ways and keep one way of life: the

In this society, the act of peer pressure will be not be present and act as a foul language. Our society will not judge anyone for the outward appearance or for their content of character if their character is shown in a positive way. Conclusively, as a nation we will not turn our backs on each other regardless of the reason.
Motto and Seal
Utopian Animal
The animal for my utopia is the elephant. The elephant represents a peaceful animal that stays with it's family members from birth to death. This behavioral mechanism is a very important value in our society.
List of Rules
No Person(s) shall judge any other person for any reason
If thy neighbor is in need of assistance, assistance shall be given immediately
No one will talk down on anyone else for any reason
Acts of violence will not be allowed
Any person with parents shall talk to them everyday.
Kids must say "Yes Sir" or "No Ma'am" when speaking to adults
Education must be received by everyone
Negativity must not be shown
Everyone must be optimistic from sun up to sun down
Every activity must be done in a loving matter
Governing Body
The governing body of my utopia will be held by a "Council of Elders". There are twelve of these elders who will hold their chair to their death. These elders are selected by the people. Every major decision will be made by the people of our land; therefore, our utopia will be a democracy.
Our Flag
Our flag is brings a feeling of serenity. The yellow is supposed to represent the equal balance feeling that is present in our society. The white shows the purity of our society. The blue represents the youthfulness and family values of the utopia.
The motto for my utopia is "Fair is an Understatement." Our slogan and our seal wish to present the feeling of fairness, which is a very important value in our society. We want our people to feel comfortable. All people are treated the same regardless of their job or whatever the case might be.
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