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The Book of Job

Group D

Kira Zeller

on 22 December 2014

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Transcript of The Book of Job

The Book of Job
-Job is a Wisdom book
-No one is sure who wrote it but there are three theories: Job himself, Moses, or an unknown author
-Five main people: Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and Elihu
-The main message of Job is to trust in God no matter what happens
-Written in Hebrew poetic style, except for the first two chapters and the epilogue
Job 1: 1-11
-In the begining of the book of Job, we infer that Job is a prosperous man woth a firm faith in God
-We know this because it states that Job feared God
-God is content with Job, but then Satan comes and challenges God to test Job
Job 1: 13-19
• My part of the chapter ends at verse 11, so my prediction for the story is that Job will be tested by God
• It it similar to how God tests us in everyday life and hpw we should accept these challenges
-Job was blessed with many good things: a big family, a wife, sheep, a nice house, and many servants
-God tests Job to see if he was faithful to him, not just because he had nice things
-God destroys his home, killing his sheep, children, and servants
Job 1: 20-22
-Job was tested in his faith when God took everything away
-Job stays loyal to God, and knows that God gives and takes away
-Job is a perfect example of how we should act toward God
-This passage is Job's reaction to The First Trial, the passage before
-When he cuts his hair and throws off his cloak, he is emphazising he has nothing
-We come into this world with nothing,
Job 2
-We should be like Job, given the last line of the passage: "In all this Job did not sin, nor did he charge God with wrong."
-Job had complete faith in God no matter what happened to him, so we should take a lesson from that
-Angels and the devil come to meet God
-Satan states that he will plague God's servant, Job, and plagues him by giving Job sores from head to toe
-Job's wife tries to make Job question God, and why he is letting this happen
-Job refuses to stop praising God
Job 42: 1-9
-This passage tells us to follow God
-The devil will tempt us to deny God, but we should not
-We should follow God even if we must do something we don't want to
-Job is answering the Lord
-Job is stating that he does have faith in God
-This passage teaches us that we need to grow up
-We need to mature as people and followers of Christ
-We must have faith in God
Job 42: 9-17
-God makes amends for when Job was wronged, and Job is repaid
-Job's brothers and sisters are released from evil
-Job says a prayer and collects coins
-God rewards him
-Job does good, and so God rewards him
-God will reward us in heaven if we do good on earth
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