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What was the purpose in the creation of the SteamBoat

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Mike Kelliher

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of What was the purpose in the creation of the SteamBoat

How was the steamboat used?
Most times the steamboat used to carry supplies across water, or it would carry passengers across water also. It could hold lot's of cargo and supplies at one time instead of carrying a few thing just on a simple paddle boat.
Why was the steamboat invented?
The steamboat was invented because of the efficiency of a steam boat was much better than a simple paddle boat. You also didn't have to do as much work because it was steam powered. It also saved time on things and traveled faster, farther, and could carry more loads.
How does the steamboat work?
The high pressure steam hits the blades of the turbine and makes them rotate making the boat move on its own. The steamboat has lot's of gears and parts to it because it's so huge and it's one of the first automated things in U.S. history. Steam power was all automation and was very efficient.
Why I picked this topic?
I have picked the topic of what was the purpose in the creation of the steamboat because I have always been interested in how our Nation transformed from 13 colonies that were owned by Britain, to the worlds most advanced country. One of the steps to that transformation was the invention of steam power. So I chose to do the creation of the steamboat because it used steam power which started the beginning of America transforming into an an advanced society.
When was the first steamboat invented?
Robert Fulton wasn't the first inventor to come up with the idea of the steam. In fact there were many designs for the steamboat. But on Monday, August 17th, 1807, inventor Robert Fulton was finally ready to go. His newly built creation, a boat powered by a steam engine was going to be released to the public. This was when he had invented the first steamboat and came up with his own idea of the steamboat. Robert Fulton was the first inventor to get his invention up and working. His invention worked and it was going to change the world as we know it.
Who made the first steamboat?
Robert Fulton had made the first working steamboat by doing what others had not done. Fulton was born into a poor Irish immigrant family, worked as a jeweler's apprentice, the became interested in art. Fulton had built upon and fixed the mistakes that others had made trying to build their own idea of the steamboat.
So, what was the purpose in the creation of the steamboat?
What was the purpose in the creation of the Steamboat
By: Mike Kelliher
Date: 6/4/14
Hour: 6
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History Alive, the United States through industrialism

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The way things work
I believe that the purpose of the creation of the steam boat was all of these reasons I mentioned. If we didn't have a creator and it didn't work we couldn't have the steamboat to begin with. If we couldn't find out how to make it then we also wouldn't have it. If the steamboat wasn't created we wouldn't be able to ship things out in such a short time. Steam itself was one of the greatest inventions that helped form America.
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