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Idiom Project

No description

Shiyi Tang

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Idiom Project

Xu was lazy while Qin was hardworking. A long time ago, there were two brothers
One was named Xu and the other named
Qin. Qin went through great strain
to achieve success. xu was just
lucky most of the time. One day there was a contest in the village.
Whoever could plant and harvest the best crops
in six months would be able to go to America. Qin knew what to do. He was
the one who did all the work
and had planted crops tons of
times before.. Qin went out at five every morning and came
back at nine every night tending his crops. Xu just planted the crops and left them there. At the end of the six months, Qin's crops turned out
wonderfully. The field of crops seemed to go on forever. Xu's crops were yellow and wilted. In the end, Qin won the contest.

Rome isn't built in one day, just
like skill isn't either.
Bibliograpy: http://www.cherriyuen.com/Idioms.php

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