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No description

Andy Keynes

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of EDC MOOC

In the old linear world it was easy. photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli EDC MOOC final assignment Digital age in education The teacher No longer the only source of information Do we need teachers? Similar lectures are available throughout the net. Study materials were multiplied. No one ever can learn all of them. And the growing number of students? There is a very big classroom behind the screen And what about the exams? Are you ready to be a digital age teacher? The teacher had to put some study material into the students' head but only one of the zillions of information sources Who is the teacher here?! Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2012.03.18. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2012.03.19. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2013.03.16. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2013.05.16. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2011.12.07. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2012.03.19. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2012.08.08. Teaching in the digital age
Lecture 1.
2013.01.29. No need for teachers to give lectures any more Is your head big enough to bear all information? Or suffering from system overflow? not able to know and select all information even from your own field and your own students? Can you deal with emerging number of unknown sources in students' works? Do you know anything about your students? Do you know your students? Or feel completely lost? It's time to re-think your knowledge about teaching competences goals mass personal knowledge literature sharing communication feedback evaluation independence support role thinking cases examination differentiate information student learner literature scientific attention multitask assignment plagiarism idea Be explorer to find your way out of the labirinth Maybe it is not that difficult.
Being human is enough.
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