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No description

Jeanette Tlougan

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Hygiene

By: Jeanette Tlougan Hygiene My prezi is about hygiene. I will be
discussing about how important hygiene
is.I will go over why you should be
taking shower,brushing teeth,wearing deodorant etc. What my prezi is about! Shower/bathing is important to your life's well being. It's important for you to shower,
because jobs won't hire you if smell and and don't wear clean clothes everyday. To be honest if you don't shower and you smell, people will not want to be around you. Showering/Bathing Clean clothing is important when it comes
to hygiene as well because it's the same thing as showering/bathing people will not want to be by or around you when you wear the same stinky clothes everyday. Clean clothing Hygiene is important, because it can help reduce the risk of getting a skin disease like say for instance scabies. This is a disease that you don't want to get from someone that does not shower and wear clean clothes. How important Hygiene is. Bathing/showering is important.
Washing your hands helps reduce your risk of getting sick.
Showering is another important reason to reduce the risk of getting skin diseases such as scabies or other diseases.
Showering will help you smell and feel clean. This is so people will want to hang around you more. Facts about hygiene. Why hygiene is important. A quick story. Definition Hygiene-The science that
deals with the promotion and
preservation of health. The End! Thanks for watching! What scabies looks like.
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