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Jenna Bessel

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Sociology

Significant Symbols
Primary Group
Gestures that convey the same meanings to the people transmitting them and receiving them
A social group that has face-to-face contact and strong emotional ties among its members
Nurture: the social experiences that make up every individuals life
a domain of experiences that includes everything regarded as extraordinary and that inspires in believers deep and absorbing sentiments of awe, respect, mystery, and reverence
Collective Memory
The experiences shared and recalled by significant number of people. Such memories are revived, preserved, shared, passed on, and recast in many forms, such as stories, holiday, ritual, and monument.
Nature: human genetics makeup or biological inheritance
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Jenna Bessel
* I was born into an full Italian family, where we all have thick brown hair and can easily tan from the sun.
* I am also apart of a family that becomes easily addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have had multiple family members who have pass away from their addiction and/or hane gone to jail.
* Both of my parents were athletic and past the gene down to me.
The process by which people acquire a social identity and learn about the groups to which they belong and do not belong

In-group: a group to which a person belong to, identifies, admires, and/or feels loyalty

Out-group: any group to which a person does not belong
A social institution that binds people together through blood, marriage, law, and/or social norms. Family members are generally expected to care for and support each other.
Life Chances: the probability of engaging in critical experiences that increase likelihood of obtaining advantaged status whether that be surviving the first year of life, earning a graduate degree, living interdependently in old age, living free of disease, and so on.
Education: In the broadest sense, the experiences that train, discipline and shape the mental, and physical potential of the maturing person
Productive work
Informal education
Schooling: A program of formal, systematic instructions that takes place primarily in classrooms even as digital, online, and virtual instructions are on the rise.
Formal Education: A purposeful, planned effect to impact specific skills or information
Education that occurs in a spontaneous or unplanned way
Work that involves "the production of the means of existence, of food, clothing, and shelter and the tools necessary for that production"
Reproductive work
Work that involves bearing children, care giving, managing households, and educating children
A group who's members hold the same belief about the sacred and the profane, who behave in the same way in the presence of the sacred, and who gather in body or spirit at agreed on times to reaffirm their commitment to those beliefs and practices
rules that govern how people must behave in the presence of the sacred to achieve an acceptable state of being.
response to help us make meaning to the big questions, and the things we need to deal with within society.
* A very memorable collective memory would have to be The Boston Marathon bombing. The day it occurred, I remember sitting class when some kid said to turn on the news. Everyone one in class was baffled and couldn't believe that something like this was happening. This was the begging of what is now know as the Isis attacks.

* I would identify myself with the kids that are student athletes. All of the individuals I associate with play a sport and keep their grades up.
*My main groups nicknamed the "Gym Squad". The "Gym Squad" consist of 4 people: me, Sarah, Page and Cait. All four of us play softball together and have for the past 3 years. We know each other flaws and know how to pick each other up when we are down. And best of all, we get together every week to watch The Walking Dead.

*Another primary group I am apart of includes my sister and mom. All three of us speak the same language, live in the same household, and have face to face contact almost everyday. And more importantly, if something were to happen to one of us, it affects all of us.
* We all know it. In high school there is always the "popular" kids. These kids party over the weekends and are seen as the kids that are more outgoing. This is the group I don't belong to. I may seem them in the hall way and have the occasional, "hey," but besides that, we are just acquaintances.
* The other group I don't belong to is the so called "Band Geeks", who are not even Geeks at all. They are the students that work hard everyday to learn their instrument and excel in school. But I have never played an instrument in my life.
* Another group I belong to is a more religious one. We share the same belief in God and go to church weekly. We tell each other our thought on abortion, and gay marriage. And, we keep secrets between each other because we know that we are loyal and trustworthy people.
* I was brought up in America and born here. This being said the only language I learned growing up was English. I took french in 9th grade, and because I was never taught any other languages until then, I never could grasp on to learning French.
* I am also a very shy person. Growing up my mom did a lot for me and I'm starting to realize that I'm more dependent then independent.

* I am a person that believes that there is an after life, and there is an almighty God.
* I am a Christian
*I believe that you should never hate anyone and that you can remember what they have done, but you forgive them for their sins.
* The election of president Obama will go down as one of the biggest changes in America seen by not just American, but the whole world. Having a black president was never heard of in our country. Now, woman are even beginning to run for president and are getting very close to the end of the race.
* One big collective memory that has been passed on from generation to generation was the sinking of the titanic. Still today, many new discoveries have been made and the history continues to be taught to the younger generation's.
* The middle finger is very disrespectful, but its meaning is known by all. If a person were to "flick" you off, you would know that they are actually cursing at you with no words.
* Another disrespectful, but also very well know symbol is the gesture of pulling your eyes with your fingers to look "squinty". This is rude to the asian community
*Rolling one's eyes when being spoken to is a sign of disrespect, it means that the individual does not care what you have to say to them. This one an example of a nonverbal cue.
* Everyday I socialize with an abundant amount of people. I either know the individuals or I have just met them for the first time.
*an example would be when I first started throwing a softball. All carelessly, I put the ball in my hand and released it with all my might. I didn't know if i was doing it correctly, but it seemed right.
* Another form of informal education is learning how to use Facebook or any other social media sight. A person isn't taught to use it, all they know is that there is a Facebook and it's a way for communication. The rest is up to them.
*Family has many meanings, but the biggest meaning of family would be the group of people an individual was born to. My main family,that shares my blood is my sister, my mom and I.
*Another part of my family is from my dads side. I have 9 cousins, 2 aunts ,and 3 uncles.
* Then there is my moms side. This side consists of two aunts and 2 uncles. All together there are only 5 kids.
* Almost everyone goes through this formal education, which is school. An individual usually goes to either elementary school, middle school, or all three. Me personally, I have done all three.
* Every once and a while, I go to a softball pitching camp. I am taught new techniques like; curve ball, screw ball, change up, and even rise ball.
* In fourth grade I went to a science camp. This camp taught me how to build a robot. The teacher taught us step for step how to build the device.
* Writing an essay outside of school is a great example of schooling. In English every couple weeks, the teacher gives us an essay to write at home and asks us to bring into play everything we learned in a certain unit. This is an example of schooling that takes a student beyond the classroom. Writing essays in high school get students prepared for college.
*The assignments that are given in sociology are also examples of schooling that takes the student beyond the classroom. Doing discussion questions and projects allow students to put their knowledge to use. In the long run, students are learning to acquire important information and utilize it in the outside world.
* A third example of schooling includes being taught how to treat others. In school we learn about the slaying of millions of Jews in the Holocaust. This human error teaches us wrong from right.
* Every interaction is unique in its own way. There are people I talk to but know I will never be apart of there circle. From the way they act to the way their family was raised, I know we are only acquaintances.
* During the volleyball season my whole team would get together at the beginning of the game and do a specific chant. We would put our hands in the middle of the circle and tell ourselves that we would get through the game while being the best that we can be.
* Then there is the ritual that I do before I eat dinner every night. My mom, my sister, my moms boyfriend and I sit around the table and pray to bless our meal.
* Reproductive work is done by the women in the family. My mom birthed me at the age of 39 and my sister at the age of 36.
* My mom is the parent that cleans the house and use to take care of bathing me.
* I was born into a family where only one parent went to college. And a family that only makes 30,000 a year. For me, my life chances aren't the best.

*Although my family and I are not that well off, my mom has saved up enough money from my dad to send me to college, with financial help.
* The chosen people in the Bible are the Jews. It is sad that if they were to be killed off, it would be the end of the world.
* Productive work is normally done by the man in the family. Before my dad passed away, he took care of the finances. My dad paid for food, the roof over my head and all the things needed to survive.
* In my life time, I have attended Heritage Elementary, HB DuPont middle, and AI DuPont high school. All three of these schools have shaped me as a person. I have learned how to pronounce certain words, how to get along with other students, and how to say my R's and T's.
* Between middle school and high school, I took all honors classes and higher. These other classes included AP and Dull Enrollment.
* Every Sunday I go to church with my mom. I sit around others who also believe in God. We listen to the pastor preach about loving one another and we all feel the presence of the one Jesus Christ.
* At the begging of churh each week we have a band that plays. Everyone sings and praises god.
* a sacred symbol in the Bible is also the cross. The cross is the symbol of what God went through to was away our sins.
Two or more people who share a distinct identity, feel a sense of belonging, and interact directly or indirectly with one another
*One group I belong to is family . My family and I share the same blood, ethnicity, values and interests.
* Another group in my life would be my friend Mary. Both Mary and I have an alcoholic family member. We realize what we are both going through and discuss it time to time.
*Additionally, another group would be the honors kids. We share thought on school and do our work as we are told.

Jenna Bessel
DTCC Sociology
Dr. Prillaman
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