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The Prophet Daniel

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of The Prophet Daniel

Are There Prophets like this Today? Who are They?
How did People receive Daniel's Message and how do we receive it Today?
The Babylonian people did not receive his message well at first and he did not have many friends, but after God saved him from the lions and saved his friends from the fiery furnace, the King told everyone to praise and have faith in the god of Daniel. These days we take the message much better and are still carrying on his message to have faith and trust in God.
Timeline of Daniel
World Behind text
Daniel's father was King David and his mother was Abigail the Calebite. Daniel was born in 620 BC and died in 510 BC. Daniel was also known as Chileab, and his name means: God is my judge, or, judge of God.

Daniel said: “Blessed be the name of God from age to age, for wisdom and power are his." Daniel 2:20.
What was Life like back then? 1.
The three main jobs in Daniel's time were: Farming, herding and servant life. A typical women's jobs were: grind grain to make the bread, milk the cows to make the cheese, and cook and cut the meat. They didn't eat much red meat and stuck mostly to fish and chicken. All food was cooked in a stew and sweetened by using: honey, syrups or grapes.
What is a Prophet?
A prophet is a person who is regarded as a teacher who expresses the will of God. Each prophet expresses a certain message, Daniel's message was: have faith and trust in God even in hostile circumstances.
The Prophet Daniel
By Thomas Barnett & Cara Dinneen

World of Text
Judah was reduced to rubble when the Babylonians attacked and many skilled workers from the city were taken prisoners along with the Ark of the Covenant. A new law was decreed that all Babylonians must only be aloud to pray to the King for 30 days. Daniel disobeyed the law and continued to pray to God three times a day. As punishment Daniel was thrown into a pit of lions. Fortunately God sent an angel who shut the lion's mouths and he emerged the next morning unscathed
What was Life like back then? 2.
Meals were eaten using the fingers but they still used bowls. A typical person would wear sandals and cloaks made of rough wool, while priests would wear long garments made of animal skin, linen and sometimes silk. A normal house would have a flat roof and would be made out of: bricks, rocks, wood or limestone. For transport people mostly walked to places but some people might use: horses, camels and donkeys, people also use these animals for carrying heavy loads.
Map of Babylon and Other Cities
An example of a modern day prophet would be mother Teresa and Mary Mackillop, Both of which put their utmost trust in God and stuck to his word no matter what. The word of God was the 10 Commandments that he gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. “Let God’s Spirit guide you in your choice.” Mary Mackillop, 1898. "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies". Mother Teresa.
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