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Copy of Top 10 Reasons to Learn History

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Maureen Landwehr

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Top 10 Reasons to Learn History

Top 10 Reasons to
Learn History...

10. Appreciate those who came before us
Over 25 million immigrants came to
the U.S.A. between the years of 1866-1915.

What countries did your ancestors immigrate from?
We all have history, it's YOUR
responsibility to learn about your
own past.
9. Those who don't learn from the
past are doomed to repeat it.
If you don't learn from other peoples mistakes,
you won't ever get anywhere in life!
8. Past struggles and accomplishments
have shaped our lives.
Without certain events/people in
history, we would be nowhere.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: fought for
equal rights for all citizens. Later, helped
women gain the right to vote.
7. History helps you understand
how it influenced the creation of
certain traditions.
What are some of your traditions?
Traditions can be religious,
culture, and family related.
6. It helps us determine how
and why certain laws were developed.
Why segregation?
Separate but Equal, Plessy v. Ferguson
Brown v. TBOE changed that!
What sort of laws affect your life? What would life be like without any laws?
5. It teaches us to think
for ourselves.
You are free to form your
own opinions about history!
There are multiple sides to every story.
4. It helps us determine
the significance of current events
Can you think of any
current events that are happening
right now throughout the world?
3. It gives us an appreciation
for future possibilities
Without inventions, our
lives would completely different.
What are some inventions that started as something practical but evolved over time?
2. History gives us role models
and heroes.
Different types of history gives us
different types of role models.
military history, world history, American
history, religious history, art history, film history, political history, and much more!
1. It makes you an interesting person!!
Doesn't it feel good to sound smart??
Once you know history and find something that interests you, you will grow to LOVE it!
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