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X marks the spot

No description

Tara Trever

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of X marks the spot

4. Solve your pirate system equations using substitution or elimination and show you get the same (x,y) coordinate solution as on your pirate map. (10 points)
Create the group Inequalities and equations clue page. This person will also be the one who decides if the other group is correctly following your pirate treasure system of inequalities and equation clues and determine if the other group correctly solves your system and
finds the coordinate of your groups’ buried treasure.
Final Steps! DUE MONDAY
5. Be ready to present to the class Monday. Pirate Costumes are welcomed
(during my class only)
and the most exceptional Pirate Crew Costumes/Presentation/Story will be awarded a PRIZE! So be creative.
Mrs. Trever's Pirate Map & Clues
marks the spot:
Crew Assignments
Solving Systems of Equations
UNIT 2 Pirate Treasure Test
By Tara Trever
for PCHS Coordinate Algebra
Fall 2014

This Project is to count as your Unit 2 Test Grade
Introduction: Pirate Treasure Map
Start here
Lesson adapted from Mrs. Morales' Treasure Hunt Quiz activity from http://questgarden.com/109/63/0/101229112556/index.htm


Solving systems of Inequalities and Equations

You will be put in a team of 4 pirates and create a pirate treasure map using inequalities and equations. Another pirate team in the class will follow your mathematical clues to see if they can find your buried treasure.
What kind of pirate are you? What is your pirate name?
Choose fun names like Captain Jack Sparrow, Calico Jack, Black Beard or Diabilitio just to name a few.
(Can help with Pirate Names)
Create pirate names for each person in your group. Create pirate names for each region on your pirate map. You will have 5 regions on your map: 3 inequalities and 2 equations. Write a short pirate story that includes all the pirate names you created.

Bring a buried treasure. This should be enough to serve 4 people. Your treasure can be 4 cookies, 4 candies, 4 pencils etc that your group can give another group if they correctly solve your system of equations and find your buried treasure. If they cannot find your treasure you get to keep it.
Introduce your pirate crew to the class, read your pirate story and present your pirate treasure map to the class.
(each team member must be in charge of making sure their assignment is completed, but the team can work together on each assignment.)
Individual Work
Muppets – Professional Pirate
We are going on a treasure hunt to solve pirate systems of inequalities and equations to find buried treasure. You will work in your group to create your own pirate treasure map and trade clues with other groups to see if you can find their buried treasure and bring home the gold!
2. Your own group pirate treasure systems of inequalities and equations. (10 points)
Each student will submit 3 sheets of graph paper showing their graphs for
1. Mrs. Trever's Pirate Treasure systems of inequalities and equations. (10 points)
3. Another groups pirate treasure systems of inequalities and equations. (10 points)
1) Follow the "Rivendale Rapids" and wander into the region given by the graph y <-2x+3
2) Travel the ridge along the "Shipwreck Mountains" and into the region of -2x+5y ≥ -10
3) Your last clue is the treasure will be to the south of the "Mariner's Meridian" y<4
Now use the following information to find where marks the spot.
"Salamander Sands" 5x-3y=-30
"Davey Jones' Prison" y=-x-7
Use a different Color to graph each line.
1.Finish Pirate Story
2. Finish Pirate Map. Be sure to include the names of your 3 inequalities and two lines on the map and into your crew's pirate story.
3. Make sure all 4 of your group members have a pirate name and have completed their individual graph paper and pencil version of your groups systems of inequalities and equations to turn in to Mrs. Trever Monday.
4. Assign a group member to bring the "buried treasure" for your group. This needs to serve 4 people. It can be 4 cookies, 4 candies, 4 pencils etc..just a small prize that if another group in the class can solve your pirate treasure your will give them their prize (If they can not correctly find yoru buried treasure your group gets to keep their prize and or eat it!)
Black Beard Treasure Rap

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Muppets & Jack Sparrow

Muppets – Professional Pirate

Pirate Music

Pirate Music

Muppet Roll Call

Mrs. Morales’ Page

Mrs. Morales’ Page

Mrs. Morales’ Video Review of Solving Systems of Equations
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