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Odysseus Journey

No description

Lucia Cantu-Miller

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Odysseus Journey

After sailing in a raft that Calypso helped
Odysseus build, Odysseus finally saw land. When
he reached land, King Alcinous spoted him. He then learns that he is indeed in a land known by the name of Sheria.
Back to Circe
After returning from the death Odysseus pays Circe a visit. Circe warned Odysseus about the creatures that lay ahead and how can he prevent their death.
Trojan War
Odysseus Journey
Odysseus men decided to go on
a small journey when they came
across this beautiful lady. All men
except Eurylochus decided to go and pay a small visit. Circe casted a
spell on all men and turned them
into pigs. Eurylochus being the
The beautiful voices
Lucía Cantú-Miller #5
Odysseus had the idea to attack the Trojans by using "The Trojan Horse". This horse was a symbol of peace but
in reality
warriors where
inside the horse
waiting to
A visit to
the Cicones
The Cicones were allies of the Trojans. As a consequence when Odysseus steped on their island the Cicones killed 72 of Odysseus' men.
A windy day
A glance of the death
The sirens
Scylla & Charybdis
To EAT or to DIE?
Tea time with
the king
Odysseus arrived to Aelous' island. Aelous
helped them by giving them two gifts. One gift
was a "good wind" this wind would take them back home. And the second was a "bad wind" that wind would give Odysseus' crew a bad time controlling
the ship. Odysseus crew was curious
about what was inside the bags so they
opened the one with the "bad wind".
Aelous refused to help them again.
To be continued...
only human asks Odysseus for help. Odysseus talked
to Circe and she agreed in turning them back to
humans but they spent a year in her island.
Odysseus arrived to
the world of the dead
because Tiresias was
supposed to tell him
what he should do to
get back home. On
his way to the
underworld he meet
his mother. He talked
to her after he talked

to Tiresias. Tiresias told Odysseus about some precautions he and his crew members needed to take.
While at sea Odysseus and his crew came across sirens. These creatures were known to lure men to their death. To avoid this horrible end the crew tied Odysseus and covered their ears to keep the sirens' songs unheard.
The sirens weren't the only obstacle. Scylla and Charybdis were now ahead, waiting their arrival so that they could eat them for lunch. Odysseus encouraged his men to continue their journey home. Along the way Odysseus lost some of his men but some made it alive.
After surviving all this dangers the crew decided to make a brief stop even though Odysseus though against it. In the island Odysseus crew ate the cattle that lived in the island. Little did they know that that was God Helios' cattle. In revenge Zeus kills everyone leaving Odysseus by himself.
After wondering alone in the sea Odysseus arrived to Calypso's layer. Calypso fell in love with Odysseus and held him captive for seven long years. After leaving seven years with this beautiful goddess, Calypso frees Odysseus under Zeus' commands.
King Alcinous asked the castaway to introduce himself and to tell him what is he doing in his land. Odysseus introduced himself and narrated his tales.
Lotus Eaters
In the Lotus Eaters' island 3 of Odysseus men went on a journey to explore the land. When they discovered and ate the Lotus flower they couldn't seem to stop eating it. It also came out that they didn't want to leave the island.
Odysseus captured
the men and forced
them to leave.
The One
Odysseus and some
members of his crew
explored the Cyclops
island. As they explored
they encountered a Cyclops named
Polyphemus. The Cyclops
started eating Odysseus' crew
until there were only 6 left. Odysseus had a plan which was to
get the Cyclops drunk and then stab him in the eye so that
he became blind. Odysseus and his crew tied themselves
to Polyphemus’ sheep to escape the cave and
flee the island.
The Laestrygones
bombarded the
fleet of ships with
boulders. Only
Odysseus and his
crew of 45
members survived the
shower of boulders.
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