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GTL Program Highlights

No description

Hannah Iacarella

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of GTL Program Highlights

My Saint Scholastica Experience
GTL program Highlights
My future plans
Student Teaching highlights
By Hannah Iacarella
One of the biggest lessons I have learned
throughout my experience with Saint
Scholastica is about the increased role of
technology within the everyday classroom.
The picture to the right was from a subbing
job I had in a 5th grade classroom.I was presenting information about simple and complex machines. This is how the students are taking notes! They are recording and taking photos on their ipads. This is a big change from all the handwritten notes I took as a young student.

Student Teaching Highlights

Clear Spring Elementary-
3rd Grade Spanish Immersion
Student Teaching Highlights
If I were to choose one highlight from my student
teaching experience, it would be how much I learned
throughout my experience. I learned not only new
Spanish vocabulary, but also effective classroom
management skills and techniques. I also learned from my students. Their passion for learning, sparked my interest in learning as well. I see myself as a life long learner and I enjoyed learning along with my students.
Throughout my experience in the GTL program, I have become more confident
in implementing technology within the classroom. I have also learned about the benefits of its use within the classroom. The IPADS and computers students used have multiple types of programs to work on different skills. The best part is that these programs can be a way to naturally differentiate instruction for students.

Student Teaching- highlight
The other highlight was creating a relationship with the students. This allowed me to learn their different learning styles and personalities. This is important and helped guide my lesson planning and instruction. On the next few pages, I have some photos with the students and I.
My future Plans

After I complete the St. Scholastica GTL program, I plan to continue pursuing my Master's Degree in Education.
My ideal future job will be having my own elementary classroom. I am particularly hoping to teach grades K-3.
I am excited to use everything I have learned in the GTL program and my student teaching experience. I feel more confident and prepared to teach my very own classroom!
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