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relocation solutions

No description

CBRE Romania

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of relocation solutions

3. C0nsolidation Options
Market Information
2. Infrastructure Works
We look forward to working with you!
1. Market Information

2. Infrastructure Works

3. Consolidation Options
1. West Gate Park
2. Anchor Plaza Metropol
3. AFI Park 4&5
6. Orhideea Towers
8. Pumac
7. Hercesa
9. Orhideelor 46
10. Interprime Project
11. Casa Radio
12. AFI Business Park Bucharest
13. Oregon Park
14. Floreasca City
15. Hermes Business Campus II
16. Iride City
4. Sema Park II
5. Sema Park III - IV
17. Globalworth Campus
18. Blue Office Campus
19. Blue Rose
20. Green Dream
21. City Offices
22. Timpuri Noi Project
Stock & Vacancy Rate by Class and Submarket
West - Announced Infrastructure Works
Center - West
Traffic Optimization
North Underground Passageway from Airport
Connection to A3 highway (Ploiesti)
Currently Under Construction
Boulevard extension & Overpass
Currently Under Construction
South Underground Passageway
Currently Under Construction
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