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History Camp-X Grade 10 Prezi

My prezi for my grade 10 history project. My topic was specifically focused on the training of Camp-X.

adam paton

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of History Camp-X Grade 10 Prezi

Camp-x Training Breif History Located on Boreder between Whitby and Oshawa (Which is now Intrepid Park). Camp established December 6th 1941. Architect named Sir William Stephenson. Camp x closed in 1946. Why was Camp x created Communications between Britain and U.S. (neutrality act) Train allied agents (SOE, FBI and OSS) Why camp x? Camp x was made to train operatives INTENSE TRAINING!! What was so unique/intense about training? The training was different because they were trained to do secret/ under cover missions. Trained to more extent then in the regular military, and different skills. They practiced jumping off 90 foot platforms. Who trained the soldiers? Royal Marine Light infantry in 1901 Shanghai Municipal Police 1907. Came to train soldiers at camp x William E. Fairbairn Received Legion of Merit
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