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Teen Volunteer Orientation

No description

Lynne Huller

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Teen Volunteer Orientation

OCPL Volunteer Orientation
Why Volunteer @ OCPL?
Basic Rules to Work and Live By
What do volunteers do here?
Do your job, and do it well.

Volunteering is still work.
Be dependable and be trustworthy.
If you cannot make a scheduled shift, contact Youth Services. Repeated failures to show will result in dismissal.

How do I get started?

Give Input on Teen Services
Volunteers can help plan teen programs and recommend books and services.
We are open 7 Days a week and most evenings.
You can request shifts by phone or email.
Flexible Scheduling
Future Benefits
Volunteering is a great opportunity to develop skills. Youth Services will write recommendations and references for outstanding volunteers.
Dress Code
Be mindful of the image that you present to the public:
no spaghetti strap tops, flip flops, baggy jeans, low waistlines, or t-shirts with political/obscene messages.
Attitude is everything!
Some things will be more fun than others.
Please know that you are doing important work, no matter how trivial it seems.
Help out with programs
You can help to prep crafts or set up materials for programs.
School-aged book clubs, special family programs
There are monthly programs and special events for teens, too!
Our past teen programs include Twilight, Hunger Games, Manga art, Ancient Egypt, a DJ demo, duct tape crafts, and more!
Yes, there will be lots of shelving to do.
It is really important. Have you ever had trouble finding a book that is supposed to be available?
What do I need to know?
We understand that you may need to check in with parents. Please keep the ringer off, and do not use your cell phone in public areas.
Do you know your alphabet?

Anything that goes in the children's room must start with an E or J.
You will see codes like E, ER, Juv Fic, Juv Pbk. Each has its own special place.
Cell phone Policy
Our basic rule of scheduling is 2 for 2: only 2 people at a time for 2 hours at a time.
Keep track of your hours. Different organizations use different forms.
Request verification a week before you need to turn in hours.
Young Adult starts with YA followed by Fic or Pbk.
All of these collections are put in order by the author's last name.
Non-fiction is shelved in numerical order using the Dewey Decimal system
(for example J973.9 Mor ). When you have a bunch with the same call #, place them alphabetically by author.

Sign in on the computer and get a badge.
Ask Youth Services Staff what to start on.
Our badge system is based on experience and ability. It lets staff members know what collections you can work in.

You will start as a purple until you pass the test for blue. Green is for our pros.
Can you count?
Tips to remember on tricky items

Names with prefixes
Graphic Novels
The call # label looks like
non-fiction or pbk, but the red sticker at the top of the spine trumps the label.
Personal Satisfaction
Academic Service Hours
We have been approved by SAT, NHS, AVID, and several schools. Verify eligibility with your program coordinator.
Have fun helping your community and making friends with other volunteers.
Van Leeuwen
It is all on the spine label.
Valerie Suttee
Press 3 for Youth Services
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