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Media and It's Effect's On Women and Femininity

An Introduction to the Essential Questions

Ruslan Azaev

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Media and It's Effect's On Women and Femininity

Media and it's effects on women and femininity Is war ever justified? DEFINITION Archetypes Types Strong Leader The Spunky Kid The Nurturer The Crusader The Librarian Sexual Objectification of women Free Spirit The Seductress Confident, emotionless cold, dresses formally, hard working calm, formal, emotionless Free willed, does what ever she wants, dresses comfortably, optimistic The Perfect Body Damsel in distress, endures hardships Sex Sells The End. Ready? Here we go!!!! The trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies; "this painting is a copy of the original Manipulative, survives through hard times Girl next door, team player, active energized The Walf fighter with a cause, loyal, truthful caring, helpful, emotional, calm and over reacting “ideal” tall, skinny, blonde and blue-eyed model” Positive effects on women Gain knowledge increasing self determination Gain experience from others Motivation Entertaining of Femininity
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