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Creepy Carrots!

No description

Clarissa Otey

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Creepy Carrots!

Creepy Carrots!
Authored by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown. Tells the story of Jasper who enjoys eating carrots from Crackenhopper Field, until they start to follow him. Brown's inspiration came from old episodes of The Twilight Zone.
Book was a 2013 Caldecott Honor Book.
Grade level:
SOL: 3.1
The student will use effective communication skills in group activities.
b) Ask and respond to questions from teachers and other group members.
The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional text and poetry.
c) Make, confirm, or revise predictions.
The student will write for a variety of purposes.
• The student will write a story that includes a beginning, middle, and end.
The student will draw his or her own book cover.
The student will comprehend what is read and make predictions about what is read.
Story Box
Items could include : Rabbit stuffed animal, rabbit's foot, rabbit ears, carrots, and toy spider.
Story box provides concrete representation for multi-lingual students.
Have students view video on Peter Brown, the illustrator of the book.
Students will practice aesthetic listening by making predictions throughout the teacher’s reading of Creepy Carrots! Some of the questions to encourage predicting and thinking would be:
o Why do you think the carrots are following Jasper?
o Why do Jasper’s parents not believe him?
o Have you ever been told something was just your imagination?
o Jasper’s favorite food is carrots. Do you all have a food that is your absolute favorite?
Talking back to the instructor as questions are asked by the teacher throughout the read aloud.
Retell the story
Highly supports comprehension and helps the teacher to understand their comprehension of the story.
Encourage reading of other books by Aaron Reynolds : http://www.aaron-reynolds.com/books.html
Visualize as the story is read.
Students write their own creepy story. Their focus should be on ensuring their stories have a beginning, middle, and end (builds organization) .
To build recognition of voice, students assume the persona of either Jasper or the carrot and re-write the story from their point of view.
Write an alternate ending to the book.
Create their own creepy carrots by cutting, drawing, and gluing their own unique creepy carrot.
Create their own creepy book cover in black and white and choose 1 or 2 colors that make the cover “pop.”

Comprehension strategy of visualizing while reading helps ELL's when reading other books.
Retelling stories builds oral language skills.
Listening to read alouds by teacher provides a language model for ELL's. Sit multi-lingual students near teacher during read aloud.
Prior to writing, teacher could complete a class writing sample so multi-lingual students become familiar with the writing process.
Samples provided for ELL's of creepy carrots and book covers.
Creepy References:
Images retrieved from Google Images.
Video retrieved from Youtube
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