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Senior Etiquette Dinner 2013

Who made these rules, and why should I care?

Rachel Wood

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Senior Etiquette Dinner 2013

? Etiquette After... At the table...
Easy to eat
“What would you recommend?” Arrival so... what am I supposed to wear? Remember to make them
Don't "Miss" (typically)
Be honest
Repeat names
It's okay to ask www.kzoo.edu/career Introductions Wait
Not on the table
Napkin on lap
Don't start just yet
Standing up? Seating and napkins Ordering # of utensils depends on # of courses
Use from outside in
Hold in a pencil grip, not with a fist.
Utensils picked up should not touch table.
If dropped, leave it. Ask for another.
Never wave in the air while talking or gesturing. Flatware Offer a dish to the left and then pass to the right.
This means you are last!
Always pass the salt and pepper together
Pick up shakers by the bottom
Handles point towards recipient Passing Use the soup spoon
Do not slurp
Sip it from the side of the spoon
Spoon away when you take it out of the bowl
Do not blow on hot soup – let it cool naturally
Crackers are okay, don’t crunch them up
Tilt bowl slightly away to get last spoonful Soup Bread must always be broken, never cut.
Butter the small piece just before eating it.
Hot rolls, place pad of butter inside to melt.
Butter and eat one bite-size piece at a time.
Butter bread on the plate, not in midair.
Never butter or eat the entire roll at once, unless hot.
If the butter is passed around the table, place the butter onto your plate first, not directly on the roll. Bread If you are eating a salad as your main course, use a dinner fork, not a salad fork.
If your salad has something in it that you don’t particularly care for, eat around it.
If you’d like to cut, cut one bite at a time. Salad Cut and eat your meat one bite at a time.
Remove small objects such from mouth with fork and place them on the edge of plate.
Toothpicks are to be used only when alone.
Remove swizzle sticks or spoons from glass before taking a drink.
No “Doggie-bags”. Meal Take your cue from host
Use dessert fork/spoon
It is okay to say, “No thank you.”
Coffee as alternative/addition
Always hold your coffee cup by the handle Dessert • Maintain good posture.
• Elbows off of the table.
• Do not eat too fast or too slow.
• Keep pace with other diners.
• Taste before using seasonings. Talk with people!
Current events
Acknowledge others
Be a good listener
Ask good questions
Do not interrupt
Maintain eye contact Conversation Great ... Say it
Send it
Additional email okay Do NOT swear, discuss politics, religion or sex. A business suit in dark colors – suits include jacket and pants/skirt made together (not a blazer and pants)
Shirts/ties kept modest
Dark, freshly shined shoes, heel height comfortable
If wearing a skirt, hemline close to knee
Nylons (without patterns) with a skirt
Dark socks that cover calves with pants
Minimal jewelry
Well manicured nails, polish limited to none or clear
If makeup is worn, apply lightly
Hair out of eyes, facial hair clean shaven (or very neatly kept)
Perfumes/colognes used sparingly (if at all) What does it mean to dress professionally? Dinnertime! Which glass is mine again? Do I really have to wear a skirt? It's go time! Thank You! "My students can't believe it. They are stunned that such a sexist double-standard could still exist in the business world. They are incredulous that they should be expected to wear attire that is so clearly gender-specific.”

“All I can do is prepare them for reality: they might be perceived as less than professional and even lose a job offer if they wear a pantsuit to an interview instead of a skirtsuit. And that they can rarely go wrong by reaching for the highest standard of traditional dress -- especially in such conservative fields as banking, investments, and law.” - Katharine Hansen Mind your manners! No "Hey" or LOL in E-mail 30 Tweets in 3 min. = not cool It's better to be overdressed than under.
Many experts say a pantsuit is OK for a second or third interview, but the skirted suit is still the best bet for the first interview. When Andersen Consulting recruits on college campuses, for example, the firm recommends skirted suits for the first two rounds of interviews, with pantsuits acceptable for the third round.
If you are a female and interview in a pantsuit in a company where all the female employees are wearing skirt suits, you won't be perceived as fitting in. Pro-Skirt Suit: The idea that a pantsuit is unprofessional is outdated.
Many employers that we meet with say it doesn't matter as long as the pantsuit looks professional. .
Being comfortable and confident is important.
Pantsuits may be more acceptable in colder climates.
Some professionals view pantsuits as actually more professional than skirt suits because they make women seem powerful and more equal with men. Pro Pants Suit: How do you decide? Better to be over-dressed than under-dressed
Research company culture
Ask! Misc. Tips Greetings
Voicemail messages
Cleaning up social media
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