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Make the invisible visible

YourPrezi (PPG)

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of GS1CODE.EU

5 Making the invisible visible First, please press next... (right arrow) INTRODUCTION FREE TO SHARE HOW TO CREATE MY OWN? FUNCTIONS SUPPLY CHAIN DOCUMENTS EASILY IN 5 STEPS Videos Foodexpo
Future Innovations Budapest Do you remember? Brussels Make GS1 Visible I GS1 What is Code? FACTORY SUPERMARKET MobilCom GS1 Forum 2010, Market Place eLearning 30 Years of Experience Classroom Education Releases Video and Document Store OUR ACTIVITIES easy to share
upload and tag your documents Publications NEW click to play click to play more: http://www.gs1.org/mobile 2 You receive all contents of CODE to be translated Send us your translation of CODE 4 GS1 Hungary uploads the new language version of CODE Use CODE to improve business NOTE: Language version fee is €1.950 including
contents' upload
hosting and operating* site for 24 months * The CODE website is hosted and operated by subcontractor of GS1 Hungary Get in touch with CODE team: Business Solutions Photos More: 3 EVENTS 1 Balazs Debreczeny, training and marketing manager
Peter Kurucz, EPC/RFID manager contact@gs1code.eu Visit our CODE website: http://gs1code.eu/ Dear Visitor,
We invite you to discover our website
Visit our CODE website: http://gs1code.eu/ LOGISTICS CENTER MEDIA GALLERY http://gs1code.eu/media/#videos CONTACT Contact GS1 Hungary via contact@gs1code.eu
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