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Unit 704 Healthier foods and special diets

No description

Danny Davies

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Unit 704 Healthier foods and special diets

Unit 604 Introduction to healthier foods and special diets
The beginning.......
Objectives of the lesson
Assignment hand-in.

Develop learners understanding of equality and diversity within the context of a menu.

Continue to research and plan for group presentation.
The task
What you need to cover
Within your presentation you must cover the following....
The different food groups and what items fall into these categories
Special dietary requirements (including religion) and foods that should be avoided
Define healthy and what we should be eating and why to support a healthy lifestyle
The consequences of a poor diet highlighting health issues and the foods that contribute to this downfall
Why vitamins are so important in our diet, highlighting what foods contain vital vitamins and illness that can be contracted without a good supply
Food allergies
How can we make dishes healthier with ingredient alteration and cooking method variation

Use pictures and illustrations where possible to give your presentation greater impact. Involve your audience where appropriate with exercises and tasks. DO NOT JUST TALK AT THEM!

ID Badges


The group research and planning. Any contribution you make to the group ppt you must save on your personal drive along with references.
The Presentation
Last week we looked at things to avoid when creating a presentation.....

Now lets look at some areas that would be advantageous to your presentation.
PM - Please give me a list of areas that have been completed.
I would like a list of tasks that will be completed today.
What have we learned?

Any questions?
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