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Osteoporosis - Lifestyle Disease

No description

James Choi

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Osteoporosis - Lifestyle Disease

Who is affected by it?
How is it caused?
Vitamin D deficiency
Calcium deficiency
Excess alcohol
Tobacco smoking
Lack of exercise
What is Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a lifestyle disease that affects the bones by a loss of density, and can lead to an increased risk of fracture
How are they affected? Is there a cure?
Reduction of bone mineral density which increases the risk of fractures
History of Osteoporosis
Statistics of Osteoporosis
Astley Cooper - The link between age-related reductions in bone density and fracture risk
Jean Lobstein - Recognition of Osteoporosis' pathological appearance
Fuller Albright - The link between osteoporosis and the postmenopausal state
James Choi and Kelvin Chang
Osteoporosis - Lifestyle Disease
Older individuals (mostly women)
Alcohol drinkers
2.2 million Australians are affected by osteoporosis
The lifetime risk of osteoporotic fracture after 50 years of age: 42% in women, 27% in men
There are 20,000 hip fractures per year in Australia
Total costs relating to osteoporosis are $7.4 billion per year
Robbins - Pathologic Basis of Disease
There is no cure for osteoporosis
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