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Utilization of Effective Well Planning and Project Management Tools for Drilling Optimzation

Final Year Project

Sumair Ahmed

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of Utilization of Effective Well Planning and Project Management Tools for Drilling Optimzation

Utilization of Effective Well Planning and Project Management Tools for
Drlling Optimization Planning and Engineering Operational Planning Cost Estimation Acknowledgement
Sumair Ahmed
Muhammad Ibad Siddiqui
Hammad Attaullah
Faizan Ahmed Casing Design Mud Design Evaluation of Well Formation Prognosis Casing Setting Depths Logging Program Hydraulics BHA Design Completion Design Rig Selection NPT Causes Decision Trees Event Trees Drilling Plan Slurry Design Completion cost Mud Cost Evaluation Cost TRS Cost HR Cost Total Well Cost References

Well Construction and Engineering by Hussain Rabia
Drilling Engineering Handbook by Neal J. Adams
Eni Drilling Design manual
Bowes, Colin and Proctor, Ray, 1997, “Driller’s Stuck Pipe Handbook”
2005, “Weatherford Pipe Recovery Handbook”, Weatherford International Ltd., 1st Ed
1986, “Weatherford Cementing Handbook”, Weatherford International Ltd
Halliburton Cementing Handbook
Tri-State Tools Fishing Manual Conclusion
Introduction Iftikhar Hafeez
NED University of Engineering and Technology Tripping in and tripping out Organogram Deliverables Planning Lost Circulation
Wellbore Instability Drilling Problems Stuck Pipe Problem Mechanical Sticking:
Differential Sticking:
Solid-Induced Pack-off: Unavailability of Experts Failures of Equipment Rig Failure:
Drill Pipe Failure:
Casing Failures
Logging and Testing Tools Failures:
Wireline failure:
Surface Equipments Failure: Nearby population and Security problems Mud Rheological Properties Inappropriate Cementing Job HSE Laws Violation
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