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Copy of The Fishbowl Effect

RA training on Role Modeling/Social Media Effects

David Penny

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Fishbowl Effect

The Fish Bowl Effect photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr How would you expect a leader to act? When you list the qualities of a leader, who comes to mind? at the library As a student leader, people are paying attention to you... at the dining hall at campus events while on duty at programs in class with your friends If you're being loud in the library, why would residents listen when you tell them to quiet down? If you are being disruptive, what happens when you tell your residents to calm down? Utilize the resources you refer others too.
Residents will be more likely to use resources (like the CLC) if you tell them they helped you bump your C+ to a B-! Remember that you are a representative of Becker College at all times. Whether or not you liked the tacos for dinner last night, you need to remember that! If you put energy and enthusiasm into your programming, residents are more likely to attend and get something out of it. Support each other by attending other RA's programs!! Whether or not you want to admit it, your friends actions (as well as your own in the group) will reflect on the kind of leader you are. If you are only addressing
situations when you feel like it,
residents will challenge you when you DO address something. Be consistent. Address situations as they arise. There is another realm that exists when discussing your actions in a fish bowl life. Social Media.
It's everywhere. How many people use: People are constantly updating and checking social media sites. (I am totally GILL-ty.)

See what I did there?? Get it?! GILLS! FISH!...ok. What you post WILL be seen by your peers, your residents, your supervisors, and future potential employers. If you were to check in on Foursquare at "ResHall Party" not only will your residents see it, but you can believe that your supervisor will. If you have a pinboard titled "Favorite Drinks" with pins of alcohol, that's ok, right? Well....are you 21+? If not, you have a problem. If you are having trouble with an office on campus,
it's okay to be frustrated. What's not okay is tweeting "I hate #Becker! I can't get into the class I want! #Stupid #WTF"

You are always a representative of Becker College and the department. Your professionalism will come into question with tweets like this. Facebook is a huge social media site that
(almost) everyone is on. If you post something, make sure you are portraying the person you want to be. Things OK to post:

Pictures of you and your friends at a Becker event, a status about your student org. on campus, checking in at the dining hall.

Things NOT OK to post:

Pictures of you violating policy, "I'msd s00o druank" as a status, ranting and raving about an aspect of campus that bothers you. BUT MY PICTURES ARE HIDDEN! MY POSTS ARE PRIVATE! NO ONE CAN SEE THEM IF THEY'RE NOT MY FRIEND! ....Do you actually believe that?? Facebook takes users' REAL pictures for ads like this! Facebook keeps a copy of every single picture
uploaded. Even if you delete it or untag yourself,
it is owned by Facebook and people can access it.

Believe me, I've done it before. OK. Great. I can't hang out with my friends or go on Facebook without the WHOLE WORLD seeing EVERYTHING I DO. Thankfully, that's not the message I was going for.

Out of all of this...you just need to remember to be a ROLE MODEL in all aspects of your life. That doesn't sound so bad, does it? Just remember that you act as a representative of
Becker College, Residence Life, and YOURSELF!

You should do the things that make YOU proud of the person you are. Activity time! What is the fish bowl? The fish bowl effect refers to how you are always perceived as "the RA." You become a 24/7 leader. Whether you notice it or not, people are looking up to you. A lot of what happens in a 'fish bowl' life is all about perception. What do you see? Now what do you see? See? Perception!
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