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Giovanni Alfonso Borelli

No description

Luis vargas

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Giovanni Alfonso Borelli

Inventions and discoveries
first man to consider a something along the lines of a submarine and made designs
they were never built
Discovered muscle movement
Looked at jumping and running movements
Hypothesized concept of pain
He investigated about the circulation of blood, nematodes, textile fibers, and spider eggs.
Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
Inventions and Discoveries

Contribution to the scientific method
He supported Galileo’s idea of having a hypothesis first before a real proof is discovered.

Most important of this age
Giovanni is the most important scientist of our age because he discovered how our muscles help us move. His ideas of the submarine was a huge help for future scientist's that developed it. The submarine was rally usefull for the government and the people. The submarine helps the army operate under water for special missions, which allows better defense for our country. Giovanni inventions and discoveries were a huge help to our world.
Impact on Human Condition
His discoveries about muscles allow scientists to understand our bodies better. From this, doctors are able to diagnose countless more diseases and virus and what causes them, and how to treat them. His contribution of designing the submarine helped the human condition by making it possible to travel underwater. Which was a huge help to the army to operate underwater.
Biographical background
Giovanni Borelli was born in January 28, 1608 in Naples, Italy. He studied under Benedetto Castelli studying mathematics. He was appointed to teach mathematics at Messina while being associated with Galileo Galilei. Galileo rejected considerations to nominate Borelli to president of mathematics at the University of Pisa. Giovanni's main focus was on the investigations of animal movement, or biomechanics. He was commonly regarded as the 'Father of Biomechanics'.
Best Scientist
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Works Cited
Famous Quote
"No sensible person will deny that the works of Nature are in the highest degree simple, necessary and as economical as possible. Therefore machines devised by mankind will doubtlessly likewise attain most success if they are as far as possible modeled on works of Nature."
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