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No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of 2030

My immigration diary to Germany
By Casey
I am in my plane over the seas right now. the one thing I want my friends to remember about me is my love for adventure and my curiosity.
I will miss my old home for a long long time. But the good thing is I will be rich when I get to Germany!
The sea
I have been hearing about some rumors from Germany about a mine full of DIAMONDS. So I decided it is time for me to go off to Germany!
Immigration to Germany
My plane crash landed in Africa from fuel loss. I broke my wrist, so I can barely write.
luckily we landed approximately 3 miles away from a airport. I scavenged for food on the plane, me and 4 others survived.
I got a cast on my wrist but I can't write that good, we got a plane from the airport and I am at the west German checkpoint.

Almost there!
I just need to check in and know if I am clear to enter Germany! but the bad thing is there is almost 200 people waiting to get through! and then the second bad thing is...the picks cost $300!!!
I made it through the long line and they said I am clear to enter Germany! I ran to the car/SUV I bought and drove straight to the nearest pickaxe store. and I bought the very last one in stock and they sold out after that.
I went straight to the mine but it took 4 days to get there, four days! 5 Days of mining and guess what I found...give up? I found 3 diamonds that where 10-15 carats big
The danger
Th pilot said there was low fuel, and that we might...CRASH! I yelled out"We might what!!!!". Then the plane ran out of fuel, going down, then up, then down over and over again.
Can this travel get any worse! Then before I knew it we were in Africa instead of Germany, and broke into three peices
The landing
My hand is still BROKEN, But i am on the plane right now
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