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Semiotic Analysis: Nike Advertisement

No description

Gabriella Dawson

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Semiotic Analysis: Nike Advertisement

Semiotic Analysis: Nike Advertisement
Gabriella Dawson

Facial Expression/Body Position
Wider Public Context
Serena Williams has a very masculine look in this image. She has no makeup on and her face looks very tough. She is showing off her muscles with a very powerful fist. Nothing about the image is feminine. Her face and hand position show power and success. It looks as if she just won a tennis match and showing off her strength through her face and the fist. She isn't celebrating like a typical woman would.
The text describes Williams struggling at the bottom, not focusing on her sport. She is "out of shape" and "unprepared", but works her way back up to the top. As she's improving, the text continues to criticize her work ethic. She won't be number one until she faces the toughest opponents. This text reflects Williams's facial expression. It shows that she is ready to play and ready to win.
The color green is prevalent in the background of the ad and on the wristband. Green represents the tennis court, while the yellow that Williams is wearing ties in the tennis ball. Green also symbolizes balance, life, self-respect, and well being. Green also symbolizes the need for change and growth in life. This ad is about improvement and getting back to the top spot. This ad is showing that Williams is changing her ways and working her hardest to grow in her sport and in life.
Typical stereotypes in society show women as not being as strong or athletic as men. Women aren't meant to play sports and are not able to achieve the same goals as men. This advertisement shows Williams, however, in a very manly, strong, powerful way as she works her way from No. 140 to No. 1. People are very critical of women, especially female athletes. The text of the ad continues with the criticism, but proves that women are strong and can take it. Instead of accepting the criticism, Williams is proving people wrong.
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