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Tech savvy? Unit9 Touchstone 3

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Transcript of Tech savvy? Unit9 Touchstone 3

Tech Savvy?

Unit 9, Here you will learn how to include questions within questions and statements.
Talk about problems with tecnology and how things work.

Unit 9, Touchstone 3
Let's watch this video
let's ask some questions
Now let's see
Let's practice
Now let check your grammar again. Please answer the exercises 6 to 10 of he link below

1. Do you know if....
2. Can you tell me...
3. I wonder if...
4. Do you have any idea...

Go to your virtual book and work on lessons A and B
Only for speaking activity leaded by the teacher.
Read the following questions and answer them by using vocaroo.

Can you imagine what the problem with batman’s computer is?
Have you had problems with your computer?
When that happens, do you know what the problem the most of the time is?
Do you know what the most common problems are when working on a computer?
Do you know what you should do?

Now please answer the exercises 1 to 5 of the link below
You don't get it yet?
Don't worry, check this video
Then, finish the lessons A and B of the virtual book.
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